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When the going gets tough

Well, Week Four Run 1 was definitely the hardest so far. The first 3 minute jog left me with an uncomfortable scratchy feeling in my lungs - breathing wrong I suppose - while the first 5 minute jog was never ending and tough on the legs. This is the first run where I have really felt unsure of making it through to week 9 but then I read all the posts of a whole bunch of benchmarkers amongst you all and think to myself, if they can do it, so can I!

Very proud of myself - who would have believed I could run for 5 minutes and still be standing?

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Well done DeliaItaly! :)

I remember the proudness I felt when I realised I could run for 5 minutes as I'd never been able to do that - even at school all those years ago!

Your next big challenge will be the 20 minute run - don't let it scare you - when you come to it, I promise, you will be ready for it even if your head is telling you otherwise! Just take it steadily and you will be just fine! :)

Good luck with your runs! :)


Thanks RunningGirl. I don't think I ran 5 minutes at school either and am already scared about R2 on Tuesday - it was really hard today. 20 minute run? Pigeon steps and thanks to you all, I'll do it. Happy Running to you too :-)


Great blog, the message I took away was "I did it" well done :-) each week is a little (or a lot) harder and we do it, so don't be worrying about w5r3' Laura will get you there. Isn't it funny as adult how we all remember vividly our school running experiences, at least we are not letting them shape us any longer :-) unless in a good way!


Yes indeed we are all talking about school! School PE must have really been a big deal. I was never fat, but good academically and not a swot - in fact I was real naughty because I wanted to be popular. But oh how I detested gym classes. Who remembers trying to climb impossible ropes? Running for what seemed to be forever? And as I said, I hung out with the smokers behind the trees on the morning run round the fields - if only the nuns could see me now! But you are quite right, this school stuff is Freudian ;-)


Hi, well done for gettin this far I hav just finished wk4 r3, I felt the same, rubbish at exercise in general at skool, then I joined the army, got super human fit for 18 months then posted to Germany where I became a blob! Met my hubby and became a housewife, I did start running in a treadmill at the gym 8 years ago andlipstick over 5 stone( yea that's how bigger blob I got!) then got preggers with twins forward wind to blob status again 8 years in, I am soon to be 40 so decided I needed to do somethin but can't afford gym prices I'm so glad I found this website, we inspire each other and keep one another motivated to continue, I hav started lookin for 5 k runs in oct to do, coz we will do this!!!! Keep goin you can do it!

Jo x


Thanks or the encouragement Jojos! I'll be doing Wk4r3 in Berlin so I'll let you all know how I get on. I hope it'll be "Delia rennt" ;-)


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