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Week 5 run 3 LIcked

Oh yeah I have done it wasn't easy and disasters of disasters music stopped after a few mins :0 Was ready to give up there and then and to cap it all bladder decided to join it telling me to stop as well. I ignored both of them and after five mins of obsessing on the lack of tunes settled it to just running visualising myself running outside and as I had told all in sundry about my proposed 20 min run I had to keep going to save face. My foot is still a bit achy so have decided that maybe some arch supports might be in order not enough to stop me and I did stretch it out beforehand. Tomorrow I a going outside for a little run down to the sea will keep you all informed of my progress. Keep up the good work everyone

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Well done you! Congratulations :D Did the same run too a couple of hours ago... So onwards and upwards we go, eh? BTW I have arch supports in my shoes ... they came as a pretty expensive extra when I had my running gait analysed ... but I thought, what the heck, tis only money and I only have one set of feet and legs to last the rest of my days. They have changed my running without my being conscious of it. However, I am now very aware that the painful feet and knees are no longer part of the process..... so, must be some good from the investment. Lots of luck to you as you venture to the seaside and into W6 :) Linda X


Very well done and even better to do your first long run without music; I think that would have really thrown me!

I, like Linda, bought custom fit insoles that moulded to my feet and I have never had problems so am convinced these were a wise buy so might be an idea to look into it.

Happy Easter!



Congratulations the W5R3 is such an achievement and I'm sure you have definitely realised that you can do this C25K now, well done and enjoy smiling all day :D


Brilliantly done to cope with technology failure and needing the loo! You clearly have what it takes to get through this programme! :)


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