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DONE IT!! W9R3 :)

Well, I didn't manage the 5K but have now run for 30 minutes three times. I never really believed I could achieve this when I started but trust in Laura and reading all the fabulously encouraging blogs on here got me through so thank you. I am soooo pleased.

Now I need to keep the motivation up and improve speed and distance. After Easter though... ;)

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Congratulations, I completed the same run this morning, shattered now lol.


Congratulations to you too then. Xx


Congrats, well done S4r4h, enjoy the Easter break and treat yourself with something nice!!!!!


Congratulations to both S4r4h and OlsBean - two new graduates :D :D - you should be soooo proud and happy. Enjoy your glow, water and small snack now, then have a wonderful Easter. You'll soon have those graduate badges displayed! Linda X :)


Congratulations - lovely to graduate just before Easter - now you can run through the spring and summer! :)


Big congrats to you and welcome to the Grad Club!! :)

Happy Easter!



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