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W9R3 - Done it!

Last night I completed the final run and am so happy that I can't stop grinning!

Thank you to everyone who posts their comments, you've all made me feel quite normal! It's good to know that I'm not alone with my difficulties when running, while all the great news and achievements have inspired me and kept me positive.

I thought I had problem knees, but thanks to great advice I started slowly and built up stamina without worrying about speed and now my knees are fine! I am now running faster, I've found it harder to run so slowly now, but I steadily increase the speed and I feel brilliant! I'm still slow but I know I'll improve, once again having read other people's honest accounts, thank you!

I'll be starting the next stage tomorrow, when I'll be increasing the distance (using the 10% rule) each week and will also start using interval training once I've progressed to a reasonable level. It'll be strange to not follow the weekly plan, but also fantastic to be able to just 'go for my run'!

Good luck to everyone, C25K is brilliant and you'll get there too!

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well done on GRADUATING... ( just thought I'd say)


Thank you, not long and I'll be congratulating you!


Woo Hoo ! Yes !

Many Congratulations to you , its an amazing feeling isn't it ?

Lots of luck and best wishes for many happy running adventures . Oh the worlds ya lobster now , theres all sorts you can do ! :-) xxx


Oh yes, it is an amazing feeling! Thank you!




Thank you!


Congratulations Fitness Fan! I love hearing the "I've graduated!!" posts. :-D Happy running :-D


Thank you Mimsickle! Love the name :)

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