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No pain no gain

Morning all

I went for a run last night after weeks of putting it off and the half stone I lost is gone back on ( and more) I ran for 30 minutes doing the speed session with Laura on my treadmill and it felt amazing getting back into my stride ...and then did 50 stomach crunches but I am feeling pain today...

I just want to say a huge thank you for this website as other people blogging gives me the drive to do my run last night!!!! You are all such an inspiration!! Can I ask what other podcasts you are using????

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50 stomach crunches - ugh! You're welcome to them!

Not much use with podcasts, I'm afraid, as I just run with my watch - lovely new garmin. :)


I like the 5K+ Stamina podcast and used that for several weeks following completion of C25K.

Now I'm using podrunner podcasts for tempo runs (free) and Audiofuel for sprint inervals (~ fiver)

Audiofuel Power Up 2012 follows the pyramid workout structure alternating faster running periods or sprints with recoveries and has seven sprints the longest of which is 75 seconds. I find the music has a really positive beat that drives me on.

I use a selection of Podrunner podcasts for my tempo runs, with bpms from about 160 - 170. I find the music on these isn't quite so hard and driving (well it doesn't drive ME quite so much,) but if it does help me keep at a good steady pace.


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