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No Pain No Gain


With grit determination I accomplished the 9 week conditioning period, at best running 7Km.

With combined focus on diet I have lost 8lbs, & to really ice the cake my Type 2 Diabetes medication has been reduced.

You would think life is pretty easy now, however.... I have just discovered my running posture is affecting my upper back (between my shoulders) 😱. It feels like I have an axe in my back.

I’ve just bought a torture device hoping it will reduce the soreness

Is any body else suffering.

Happy Weekend All

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Good for you 👍😃

Your posture slumps when you’re tired so getting stronger in your core is the way to go 💪👍

Cross training either at home or,the gym,is a good plan if you want to run further Upper body strength and being the muscles of your ab and back getused such a lot. Running up hills is good too Yoga is great for backs 💪

A foam roller won’t make you stronger But it does help ease soreness. Don’t overdo it though

Neil2702Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thank You for taking time out to share your thoughts, very much appreciated. I’m working on posture.

Reference overdoing it, 100% correct. Everything in life is a challenge, on this occasion need to take it easy.

Happy Saturday

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Neil2702

Yeah take things slow. All good things come to those who build up gradually It’s a job worth doing well. Being more leisurely about things means you’ll be in it for long haul

Running is a joy when it’s going ticketty-boo 🙂. Food, drink, sleep, doing some varied cross training, walking a whole lot more, and generally taking care of oneself, is going to keep you on the road (or trail).

Mix up your running, find new routes, try some running tourism Just keep it fresh 😃👍. Have FUN 😃

Neil2702Graduate in reply to misswobble

Thank you, so much. I’ve been out today & changed some of the bad habits. Reduced distance, gone up some hills, increased warm up / cool down, shoulders back, head up. The results have been marvellous. I’m now 12 weeks into this journey, so it’s a good time to sort the bad habits. Enjoy Sunday & Thank You


I think you are saying that you have graduated, in which case, congratulations.

This guide to post C25K running may be helpful

If you have run 7k during the plan, then I suspect that you have exceeded the recommended durations. Please take care. You are a very new runner and it takes many months to build strength and reduce injury risk, as your body is trying to tell you now. Listen to it.

Neil2702Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Wise words Thank You

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