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Is it me, or is it too cold to run?!

Well, I'm new to the C25 and on week 2 and only done 2 runs so far. We have snow and it's really annoying! Doing well and walking/running when the lovely Laura suggests. It feels good doing something to shed the pounds and I feel very proud of myself for getting out there! Looking forward to my third run tomorrow and perhaps can move onto the next stage if I feel brave!

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It's definitely very cold! We don't have too much snow where I am, but it's still lying in the fields and on gardens. I'm in the early throes of a headcold, and feeling very sorry for myselft, so think that if I manage to get out tonight it'll only be on the treadmill. Even that's not looking too likely right now though!

There's definitely a great feeling to be gained from going out and running when all sane people are wrapped up warm inside ;)

Happy running :)


You'll find your bravery has a knack of generating itself as you get more and more addicted to running. ...and you're right to feel proud of yourself! :-)

Enjoy your next run and the euphoria that will almost certainly come with it.


It certainly is cold but once you start moving you soon warm up. -) But there are days I wished I still had my running machine. lol

Good luck with the next run. :-)


Cold indeed! Bring on Spring! :-) Try if you can to dress in light layers. Then you can remove and add back on as needed. I get very hot quickly but cool down super quick once I stop running. Good luck! Gayle


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