Too fat to run?

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and new to couch to 5k. I have recently lost 2 stone and I still have a fair amount of weight to lose. I really want to start running to improve my fitness but also to help me to carry on losing weight. I feel more confident to have a go at running but I am worried about what others will think of me and I am beginning to wonder if I am too fat run - btw I am female, 5' 4" and 15st 8 lb

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  • Hi, and welcome to our little community. The main thing is that you want to exercise and to lose more weight. Most of us were the same - I lost over 30kg and others have done much more. Like you, most of us were a bit self concious and worried about goingout in public But nearly everyone says the same - nobody pays any attention to them. Anyway, don't let anyone else stop you improving your health!

    Your weight might make it harder to get running for half an hour - we have to be honest and realistic. BUT it shouldn't stop you. I think the best plan would be to spend a bit of time building up to your first run - short, easy walks to start with, and aim for walking 30 mins. If you get to that stage, you'll already feel better and have a gret sense of achievement. And you'll feel ready to start running.

    Now you take a deep breath, fire up the podcast for run 1 of week 1 ... and everything else should fall into place.

    Go for it - you certainly won't regret it!

  • Thank you Malcy - much appreciated x

  • Hi Alicia,

    First of all, welcome to the group!

    When I started I had the same issues about be self conscious and running in public (I'm 5' 6" and was just over 16st when I started). At first I did just ran laps around a really small park near my house to avoid as many people as possible, but I found doing the same circle over and over again made the run harder because it was so boring.

    So, I decided to brave the busier roads, and at first I was really self-conscious about running past other people waiting for buses etc, but I think you quickly get used to it and realise that nobody is really paying attention to you (usually I'm too distracted with the run to pay attention to them anyway!). I'm on Week 4 of the plan now, and I still get those niggles sometimes, but I don't pay attention to it anymore. The end result is worth it :)

    So I say give it a go, just focus on the Laura, the podcast and your running. You can do it! Keep us posted :)

    Lauren x

    (sorry for the essay lol)

  • Welcome in this forum!

    I'm overweight myself and was in the obese category a few months ago so yes, you can do it too! C25K is really the best program to get started and you can repeat the weeks as many times as you want. Go at your own pace, it doesn't matter how slow you run as long as you run (or walk). :-)

    I dreaded to go outside running but eventually found out that other runners you come accross don't care. Really. I also prefer running in the morning because the park where I train isn't crowded and I avoid running on sundays at all cost (too many people). Nevertheless, you'll find that each time you'll finish a podcast session, the feeling of satisfaction and pride will be so powerful that little by little, you'll become more confident - either in running and in everyday life! Focus on what you're aiming for - at your own pace - and you'll be fine, I'm sure.

    Good luck! :-)

  • thank you all for your kind words of support x

  • Just do it and sod what others think! I have nothing but awe when I see someone carrying weight and still going for it!

    I have weight to lose too. Another couple of stone to get me back to my skinnier days. I'm 4' 10'' so it really shows!

    I don't care about others opinions. I'm the one out there doing something. I'm the one with self belief and self respect making the things I want actually happen.

    You run, you get fitter, you build confidence and self esteem and good on you for doing it! :D

  • I've lost 30kg as well, solely by using this programme and myfitnesspal. Just take it steady, but remember running doesn't burn that much more calories than walking so you don't earn treats :-(

  • I am another morbidly obese person who is taking action against the flab! I started losing weight in March this year when I was 22 stone 1lb. I'm now 18 stone 3lb, and although I have a long way still to go, I have reached a weight where exercise is manageable. I did try C25k in February when I was still over 20 stones and it was too difficult. So I left it a few months and got to a more sensible weight and tried again.

    No one is too fat to want to do something about it. I would take it very slowly, and if your knees give you trouble, then stop for a while and find an alternate form of exercise until they are recovered (I occasionally get trouble from my knees due to dislocating one when I was younger). I find that swimming is an excellent low impact form of exercise and really helps get you fit quickly. It's important not to stop exercising completely if you get an injury otherwise you will lose momentum and give up.

    My main pieces of advice for you would be...

    Listen to your body. If the programme is going too quickly for you, take it easy. Repeat weeks if absolutely necessary, but don't listen to the inner demon which says you can't do it.

    Don't be scared of failure, if you can't complete a run, analyse it and try and work out what your weaknesses are. No matter how many times it takes to complete a run, focus on the fact that you finsihed it. Forget about the endless attempts!

    Don't fixate on the scales whilst trying to lose weight. Instead of trying to lose weight, you should say that you are trying to tone your body up. Of course that will require some weight loss, but you will be surprised how much better you will look, and fit into smaller clothes without losing that much weight.

    As others have said, don't use your extra activity to allow yourself extra treats. I have allowed myself a treat to coincide with every half stone I have lost, but I certainly don't reward myself for completing a run. Although I will go out and do some exercise (either running or swimming) if I know I have a night out coming up. It makes it easier to not be so worried about very occasional over indulgence. Nobody likes the person who sits in the corner saying 'I can't eat that'!

    Most of all, enjoy it! it's meant to be fun.

  • Hi, and welcome to your first stages of becoming a runner ~ as far as I'm concerned, the first time you step out of your front door and take your first steps you belong to the great world of runners; and it is a very good world indeed.

    I would urge you to watch the Youtube clip if you can watch it without shedding a tear and not being seriously impressed and humbled, I will be amazed.

    Good luck on your journey, and please keep us posted at every stage ~ we are genuinely interested and you will find all the support you will ever need here.

  • That is quite extraordinary! Thanks for posting that clip

  • If you get a chance, watch the other videos he has posted.

  • What's his name?

  • Roger Wright Quite possibly the most inspirational video(s) you could ever watch.

  • Thank you

  • Oh my days...what an inspiration....I'm so glad you posted this. Thank you.

  • Go for it Alicia. As Malcy said, most people don't pay any attention to you, and if they do, take the moral high ground, you have got up, gone out and are doing some good exercise. A lot more than most people do! Hold your head high, take it steady, and go with Laura. It really works, but don't get too focused on 9 weeks, plenty of us have taken longer. The hardest step is getting up and getting out and you have the will to do that. The rest will just come in time.

    Get running, and keep blogging

  • Hi. When I started to programme I was just under 15 stone at 5'4" I wondered if it would be too much as well but I have managed fine and am now about to finish week 6. I would say go as slow as you need to to manage the runs I have discovered I can run really slowly :) I would also invest in some good trainers, go to somewhere like sweatshop and get your gait analysed to give your feet and legs as much chance to recover from the exercise. Expensive but worth it. My legs did ache for the first two weeks but remember to stretch your muscles when you get back home and get some bubble bath to soak tired legs after the first two weeks that have been fine. I surprised myself as I found I could do more than I thought I could and you get a massive boost from completing the weeks. I also found that although my weight loss slowed I have lost 20 inches in the 6 weeks. I would say go for it! plug in the earphones and ignore everyone else. Good luck

  • I was exactly the same as you... I wouldn't venture out without my sunglasses on, I wouldn't wear shorts. And after a while my confidence grew and now I don't care. I am out for me and no one else. Good luck and keep running :)

  • Hey aliciarun77, welcome to our family, I prefer to call it that because the love and support you get from everyone are just great.

    When I started I was 21stone and 5’ 10’’ male now 19st 4.6lb still a long way to where I would like to be.

    I couldn’t even run for 1 min without stopping and wanting to call the medic. I also had the wrong trainers on and my knees were in pain after every run.

    I stuck with it had my Gait checked and a pair of running trainers, £130.00 pounds later (the most I ever paid for a pair of trainers) but my knees loved me for it.

    I was also wearing the wrong clothes for running i.e. dressing like it was -10 below and not dressed for running (which warms you up).

    Another issue I had was the fact I didn’t like people seeing me while I was running and thought everyone was looking at me. That was then, now I don’t care because, I am doing something about my heath where as they are not.

    The podcast is great stuff and it works, I am a testimony for it. Like the others advice listen to your body, don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t go the way you want it.

    After all the challenges (and yes you will have a few) one thing to remember ‘’ NEVER GIVE UP ‘’ be the one who says I am doing it, not I use to do it.

    The journey is long but the rewards are great.

    Keep on going.

  • First of all congratulations on your weight loss. This is really an amazing achievement and from someone who has my own weight issues I can only admire you already.

    I felt the same was as you (I'm in the obese category) but I knew if I didn't do something, some kind of exercise things would remain the same. I would always watch the olympics or people doing exercise and wonder if I could do it to.

    The only way to find out is to just do it.

    I wear a baseball cap, large t-shirt and comfortable tracksuit bottoms. The first couple of podcasts I just put my head down and chose routes where I didn't encounter that many people. I didn't even tell my husband what I was doing as he has been here before with me starting something and just giving up.

    After a while and after I realised that I was quite capable of shuffling along with Laura I didn't care what anyone else thought.

    This programme really works and I have found it quite life changing. (I've discovered I'm not a quitter after all.)

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  • Go for it! Well done for all you have achieved so far, and keep going!

  • Don't even consider what others think, do it for yourself girl. The only critics are those that don't have the bottle to do it themselves !

  • Hello!

    I'm pretty heavy myself, and only 5ft tall - at last count I was 87kg (nearly 14 stone in old money ;) ).

    I do a lot of powerlifting but my cardio is awful which is why I started C25K. I'm near the end of my second week and it's great - hard work but worth it. You just have to keep plugging away, nice steady pace and do your best. I feel like a snail even when I'm doing the run parts - but it's an achievement every time you finish a podcast.

    Good luck!

    HBS x

  • I was 18st when I started and actually did the zombies 5k c25k. I'm not very fast but did everything it asked and by the end ran 5k though it took me 50mins without stopping. I've lost about 1/2st but a whole dress size. Go for it and just expect to have to run v slowly.

  • Many, many thanks to you all for your wonderful replies.....I feel like nothing can stop me now lol x

  • Hi Alicia. As you've probably guessed by now we have a great bunch of people here who will support you the whole way. Malcys advice is actually what I did. I was 94kgs last October and initially I walked a lot until I could walk 4 miles in about an hour. I also cycled and used the cross trainer in the gym. I also ate more sensibly and lost some weight. I started C25K in April and graduated in June. I probably could have started earlier but I hadn't found this forum then so didn't have the encouragement. I am 67kgs now and have maintained that for a few months. So it is possible, just keep it slow and steady!

  • Another big girl here who's loving the C25K :) I'm on week 8 and never believed that I'd get past week 1, but here I am :)

    I'm currently weighing in at 15st 2lbs (I'm 5'6") although I have now lost just over 10stone in total :)

    My advice would be keep it very slow and steady, listen to your body, and trust the plan!

  • No no you are not.Put you earphones in and listen to Laura and don't think about anyone els. Just think you are doing something to improve your overall health and fitness. Well done to you let us know how you go on.

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