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Too fat to run ???

I REALLY want to get back to running. Been on the 'couch' for 1 1/2 years :( Have got as far as 7 miles previously and run a few 10k races. I am 51 and have put on LOTS of weight. The key for me is always exercise, not dieting. Once I feel a bit fitter the food follows suit. My question is that I am the most unfit I have ever been, I get out of puff walking quickly or uphill. Has anyone else felt like this and got going on the C25K ?? Or do I need to tackle the weight first? I have a year to be fit enough for the Mudrunner race at Eastnor Castle :s

All views welcome :)

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If you've already done 10k's and run as far as 7 miles before, your body knows how to run. It may have lost the stamina and fitness, but I'll bet it will come back pretty quickly if you start the programme. You've pretty much already answered your own question - the key is exercise - the weight will follow. So why not give C25K a go and see how you get on? Plus, 1.5 years of inactivity is a lot less than many people on here before they started. Go for it!! :)


Hey, thanks, this is what I am hoping. It's just that I didn't have to lug around the extra ballast before!!! I hate how feeling unfit feels. I can't believe how much the extra poundage takes its toll.

I will give it my best shot and start Monday, now to get the best alarm going to get me out of bed at silly o'clock :)


Probably not. I had this doubt (over 60 years old, never ever run before, about 7 stones to lose) but I thought I'd have a go and I love it. I'm now on Week 4 although Week 1 took me a few weeks to complete. Go for it BUT listen to your body, it's fun not punishment, repeat weeks and take it slowly at first so you don't injure yourself. Good luck, enjoy :)


You have done extremely well. How did your very first run go? And did you run on the road or off road? I am preferring the anonymity of off road but the dark mornings and nights make this problem.


I run at my local running track with my daughter who is a 'proper' runner. It was scary at first (I wasn't sure I belonged on a running track) but the surface is slightly springy which is better for my joints and when I see anyone else they are always friendly and supportive, which is more than can be said of street running.


Sorry I only answered part of your question, my very for run didn't go well at all, I simply couldn't run that long, as I said it took me several weeks to complete week 1 but since then I've been OK and the 5 minute run in Week 4 run 3 today was much more comfortable but very wet as it was raining heavily.


Don't know what youi're worrying about, lol. 40 years of inactivity and overweight and older than you. 9 weeks ago I struggled to do week 1; tonight I did the final run of week 9. And what's more I ran for 35 minutes instead of 30.

You can do it! Have faith in yourself and the programme.


congratulations boudicca :)

& carole, just get out there & do it!! if you were already a runner in the past then Im sure that the gradual build up of c25k will ease you back into running nicely.

good luck. x


Hi, this does sound inspiring, well done you!!! I think I had convinced myself that I was past the point of no return, a kind of depressing feeling, but you have all made me realise it can work, with baby steps.


what!!??? you're kidding right carole1961??!!

you've done it before, you can do it again. This time, with this program and all the support on this community, you'll do great!!

its all huffing and puffing at the beginning - some of us still are :-) - but you've got to start somewhere. get out there!! take it easy, but go for it!!

im not doing this for the weight loss - but rather the fitness side. but already ive noticed my clothes fit better and Im a little leaner. ive heard other C25kers on here say that the weight doesnt come off straight away, but it does eventually. But while you wait for that magic moment, you'll already be fitter, healthier and happier! i am.

let us know how you get on.

best of luck!!



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