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Am I going to have to stop running?


This week I progressed to week three and was anxious and excited about the challenge! I just about made it through the first run, stopping 10 seconds short of the last three minute run!! Unfortunately it seems to be more than just my chest that made me give up, I have a slight pelvic floor issue and was concerned that I was leaking and someone would notice! I am currently being referred to gynae for a mild uterine prolapse, from what I've been reading online it would appear running is a big no no for someone with this issue, does anyone have any experience of this or any advice? Not sure if I should stop as I could be making it worse and my hospital appointment is not until May! I really don't want to give up I'm enjoying it soo much :'( xx

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To be honest, no matter how much you're enjoying running, if there's a real risk that it's making an existing medical condition worse, I'd stop - or at the very least ast your doctor's advice before continuing. Could you find a lower-impact exercise that you'd enjoy as much - cycling, swimming, cross trainer etc.? There's no point in jeopardising your long-term health for the sake of... um... improving your health! ;)


I'd speak to your GP, it may be that you can run but need to be gentle with your self until your sorted but I wouldnt be taking any advice 'on line', its too generic and your GP will know you and your condition better.


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