I am running for.....quest week 3. -Feel free to join

Welcome to the I am running for week 3....... Quest feel free to join.

Got to be up really early tomorrow so I'm posting this tonight.

hope you are all doing well. There are some great quest pledges this quest.

Please feel free to join in if you like, it's just a bit of fun. I just thought it would make a good name for the Quest, after nearly three years I'm running out of names so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run.

























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48 Replies

  • ✔️All ticks present and correct last week and the week ended with the city of London mile event. It was a great morning. It was strange only running a mile for and event with no music but it was fun. I met another c25ker from the Facebook page that I had met before and it was nice to catch up.

  • I would have been terrified to run only a mile, I don't wake up until I've been running for two. Did you do a long warm up beforehand?

  • Had a good week. Ran 4x with 2x 5k, one shorter and faster run and one 10k. The 10k came in at 77min, so I met my target (under 80 mins). And today's 5k was continuous, which was something I wanted to do and was also on my quest list. Still haven't started the core strength training, the last thing on my list. But managed over 22k this week and that is my highest mileage in a week so far. So quite pleased. Will see what I manage next week!

  • Well done - that looks like a week of good solid work.

    I did 8.85K this afternoon, as a practice run for my Race for Life next Saturday. I came in at 75 mins, so I can see you did really well with your 10K in the same time.

  • Katie! You're progressing so fast! 8.85k! Wow.

  • Thanks! I was a bit worried beforehand that it would be too far, but I was determined to hang in there and get round.

  • "[M]y aim is to build up my distance each week... and to run 3 times a week.

    I also lost a stone in weight over the last 6 weeks on the NHS 12 week plan, so I'm also aiming to keep losing 2lb per week so I can head towards another stone gone!"

    Sorry, I have to keep reminding myself what my aim was, hehe!

    This week has been a good one, I feel really positive and proud ☺. I don't weigh in til tomorrow so not sure about the last part (I have stuck to my food and exercise plan like glue!), but I've definitely been increasing my run distances. I went out for 3 runs in total: 2 before work of 6K each instead of the usual 5K (38 & 37min times) and 1 longer run today of 8K in 52min. Most importantly there were NO WALKING BREAKS for any of them! Also got my pacing pretty good with fairly even speed throughout each run. Am made up, and really looking forward to my 10K race in a month now!

    Happy running everyone ☺

  • I am on a quest to lose 2 stone too because I am sure it will make me a better runner not having to carry around excess weight. I have only lost 2.5 kg so far (started 2 weeks ago), but please tell me - did losing all that weight make your running more effortless and did it improve your time?

  • It's hard to tell if the running is getting easier because of losing weight, or just because of more experience of running, but I'm fairly certain it's having a good effect! I've lost nearly 1.5 stone now, and I think if I were to put that weight in a rucksack and try to run with it then my runs would be much harder and a lot slower! I think it also means there's less pressure on my joints, so hopefully less likely to get injured.

    Good luck with your weight loss (and continued running!) - you're off to a great start! ☺🍀

  • Thanks Heather, that picture with the 2 stone in a rucksack is actually exactly what convinced be to start dieting :-)

  • Been slacking on the squats but yoga and long runs are going well. This week my schedule is all over the place so hopefully I can still find a yoga class that works.

  • Had a great last week. Ran for 5 days including one long run on Saturday of 10 miles. No injuries and 30 miles done :) the target of 5k in 25 minutes still seems far but I have 3 more weeks before I give it a go. Fartleks and progression runs are helping me increasing the pace now. Hope I can do it. Fingers crossed.

  • Did the R4L yesterday, so that's 5k banked but, other than that, nothing. Having back trouble at the moment (oh the joys of being ancient!) Need to introduce some core strengthening work. Thanks as ever for organising this RFC x

  • Hi, hip hip hooray for core work! Me too, I can feel that the intensity of running is getting to be too much again, and again, I am certain it is down to my wobbly middle :-(. Hope the week goes well!

  • Count me in, Realfoodieclub. My aim is to do 3 runs a week, to consolidate running 5k.

    I did my first post-graduate run this morning. Monday morning, 06:00- didn't really feel like it, but I'd got my kit ready to go last night, so forced myself out the door.

    For variety, I ran without music, and went off-road down the local canal. Very slow pace, because I was having to watch out for holes, dips, and whatnot- it was quite uneven.

    On the plus side, I got to see and hear plenty of wildlife, though- swans, geese, moorhens, cows, and rabbits.

    Still getting a great buzz after running :)

  • I'm getting my stamina back after my lay off, I'm amazed at how long it has taken. Had a really good week last week, 4 runs totaling 25 K including one 8K and one 7.5K, and found a new route, and it's flat! Hurray! I had intended to keep on with the same, I've got a lovely 10K route mapped out, but it looks like the temperature is going to go up to 30C, so that might have to wait for a bit. Never mind, I'm very happy with my progress, almost back to where I was before my injury.

  • No running at all last week :-) I have a bit of a niggly pinchy feeling in my groin and during my previous weeks runs it gradually spread round to my hip. Not excruciating and doesn't hurt unless I run or walk briskly but I suspect that no good would come of running at the moment. Which is frustrating ! (Went out for a brisk 5k walk on Friday in the hope that a pain free walk would let me plan a short jog for Saturday. But by time I got home my hip hurt.)

    Gonna channel the frustration into making a podiatrist appointment as I wonder whether it would be helped by new insoles. (The ones I have are 3 years old and have done A LOT of kilometers, as I use them all the time, not just for running).

  • Persistent niggles are no fun, hopefully your visit to the doc helps!

  • Morning All !

    Thanks for putting this up again RFC :-)

    Had 2 good 7k runs last week with my HM plan. Tried a new route for the 7K I did on Saturday and got a new PB , Have it !!! :-)

    One 7k to do on Wednesday , and then a 10.5k on Sunday. Its really working well running 2 days a week for me . I am keeping injury/niggle free although I am planning to slot in the C25K Speed at some point .

    Good Luck to all fellow questers and big hugs to all of those who are going through tough times in their lives, wishing you happier and brighter times ahead . Lots of healing vibes and bowls of chicken soup to all those on the IC . Another day closer to recovery xxx

  • A bit of a "meh" week in terms of my Quest goals but pottering along.

    My run was a bit of an odd one... I was moving pretty quickly for me and thought why not get my interval session in now. But I got to the top of the Pyramid and walked the rest as I wasn't sure it was prudent to continue the way I was feeling (maybe I often felt like that during C25K????) It was nice to have some sunshine and then there was the wildlife, deer and... guinea fowl, in the middle of a wood???!!!

  • I'm in a meh moment too with running. I think I just am tired, waiting for a fresh view like the one you describe. Hope this week is more inspiring!

  • Good week.

    No falls..cycled every other day, increased some exercises for my tummy too :) Three runs, two shortish and one longer...nearly, nearly, ran 9 K on Sunday! :)

  • Hey, any week that includes tummy exercises is a good week, in my opinion! Well done!

  • Well, I am not carrying extra weight, but my shape since starting the running has really changed, and I have developed a runner's tummy, I have to really focus on the breathing, and pulling the tummy in and not pushing it out!

  • Yes, I do carry some extra weight in the tummy, but not an enormous amount. That said, if I am not focusing on the tummy, it (and my hips! ) seem to wobble, especially when the runs get longer.

  • And then my stride gets out of whack, and I land differently on my feet, and....

  • ..maybe, like me.. it goes pear shaped :)

  • One of my goals is to become comfortable with running 5k (in the same way I feel about a 3k run now) and that hasn't happened yet (and is not about to happen), but I ran another 5k, I started in a running club and I feel that I am on track.

    The other goal is to lose a 6 kg in 6 weeks. I am well on my way there too, as I have lost a total om 2.5 kg in two weeks. I'm so happy about the quick results.

  • The comfort will happen, though it may take longer than you'd like. Looks like a sensible week, good luck!

  • It will come...enjoy your running club today and great on the weight loss.. my husband has lost another 3 K.. :)

  • My goals:

    1. A speed run every week - yes

    2. A 5km run every week - yes

    3. A "long" run every week - increasing to 8km - did 6km this week

    4. Get rid of the bruises and grazes after my fall. Grazes almost completely healed, bruise on hip fading slowly. Left elbow not quite as sore, and I managed the side plank on my left arm yesterday, so it must be getting much better :)

  • Hello Questers,

    Nice to see how well everyone is doing. I've been feeling a bit meh for the past two weeks about running, your accomplishments are inspiring.

    So, my week of running went as planned. Three runs of 7k each. My pacing is a little bit all over the place. I've just been through a gastrointestinal apocalypse with my kids and I think I'm just worn out.

    My strength work was not as good as I'd hoped. I managed arms and core one day, and good glute/hip exercises only on one day.

    This week, I have three runs of 7k again on the schedule, and I'll aim again for two days each of strength work. And I will carry on with my quest to remain consistent. This goal is in danger, I will defend my thesis soon, I have a deadline for an article, and my kids are finishing up their year in Kindergarten.

    I can do all of it and run, right?

  • Sounds as though you have a lot on your plate! Be gentle with yourself while you are recovering from your tummy problem, and you will be back in the swing of things in no time!

  • Yes, I agree. I think I'm just in my own winter of running, which has strangely been spurred by the summer! I've learned this week that I don't really like to run when the humidity/temperature is high, and I think that that is a big part of my meh.

  • Humidity is a killer. I came a cropper when I tried to do a 5k run the other week, on a hot, humid early afternoon, and I had to give up because I came over all funny.

  • Did my 2nd 5k run of the week this morning. Again I had to drag myself out the door against my will.

    Another big epiphany for me today, out of the blue. My most enjoyable run ever.

    Long story short - Katie204 recently posted info about her "Race For Life Rehearsal". She (and Irish Princess) mentioned the benefits of nasal breathing. Details are all on that post- highly recommended reading.

    I was so intrigued I decided to give it a little go, and if necessary, switch back to my "Darth Vader after a box of cigars" usual breathing method.

    The upshot was that I got a new PB, even though I was going deliberately slowly (to conserve energy for the next Parkrun).

    More interestingly, I felt like I'd hardly broken a sweat, and that I'd got plenty of energy left in the tank. I forced myself to not try adding on another 1 or 2k, but I felt I could have done it.

    TL;DR- I've realised I'm wasting an awful lot of energy by breathing inefficiently. :)

  • Hi 90ldfinch - I'm so glad my information helped! Brilliant work with the new PB - and I'm delighted the nasal breathing is making you feel more comfortable and with reserves of energy.

    I've just come in from completing my 10k "Race for Life" - which was the reason I took up running in the first place. As I have boasted below on this thread, I got round in 1:14:57. I found the nasal breathing really helped - I could fall into a rhythm of footfalls, arm movements and breaths, and chug along quite happily for ages (although I did do several walks as I got a bit tired).

    Given that I wasn't sure I was ready for the distance, I am really pleased I got round with so little pain!

  • Great going Katie204 - absolutely brilliant 🎉🎉🎉

    I started reading The Oxygen Advantage yesterday- I'm a convert. Thanks for posting info on the running books.👍

    I hope you're not going to stop running, now you've achieved your goal 😱

    15k next? :)

  • Hi there - after my reversion to couch potato status for a few days, I plan to do more parkruns - and next goal is to get to a sub-35min 5k.

  • Third and final 5k run of post-grad week 1- my third Parkrun. And after a great 2nd run, today was a bit of a slog. Still, my new shoes are very comfy, and it's a lovely sunny morning.

    35:16 was the time- all done with nasal breathing- definitely feels like it conserves energy- I managed to up the pace for the last section.

  • Just sneaking under the "Week 3" line here - I'm happy to report that I have achieved my goal!

    This morning I did our local Race for Life in Victoria Park (east London), and completed 10k in 1:14:57. Given that I only started C25K towards the end of March, I am amazed that my body kept going! Honestly, if I can do this, anyone can...

  • Wow, Katie!! You did it! And a really respectable time too. Wow, wow, wow! I started in March too and I am nowhere near 10k.

  • Thank you Iben! Still a bit stunned about it...

  • And you've earned a shiny new 10k graduation badge🏆

  • Do I get a badge if I did run/walk rather than all running?

  • I believe you do- I think Realfoodieclub takes a kind view as there's no official programme to stick to.

    See here:


  • Thanks 90ldfinch - I have just asked RFC.

  • Late again - thats one part of my goals failed on!! :)

    Just one run, but it was the first non stop 10k in ages :) Did average 12,000 steps a day though.

    Just had a busy week at work, so little to report for this week, but I will try to do it on time...

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