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W8R3 "It's like I am running but not going anywhere!"

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1 X 28 minute run


Headwind was so intense in my route that every time I tried to run I just stand there.



Then I had this amazing thought that I should turnaround and run the opposite direction along the gale. :D


It was raining sideways. I although was wearing a windbreaker kind of clothing, it's definitely not a storm breaker. I was carried forward that my 25 minute run went like a breeze.


Last three minutes, I challenged myself that I would run against the storm. I don't know whom I was kidding with, I turned around, completed my run, cooled down and took a bus back home. Ha. :)


Week 9 now. Final week next week. I still feel this is going to be a "Couch to 30 minutes" and not "Couch to 5K". :D

Is there an app suggestion that I can use to find my pace and distance?



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The final countdown......squeeeeee!

Can't help with the app I'm afraid but awesome post! Sideways rain and gale force wind and still you ran... absolutely fabulous😊

nchuncGraduate in reply to McFitty



It was an unique experience indeed! :)


Sounds like a fab but blowy run! Most (if not all) of the running apps will tell you your distance and pace. Runtastic and Endomondo do, and I'm pretty sure apps like MapMyFitness do too.

nchuncGraduate in reply to AliPru


Thank you 😊

AliPruGraduate in reply to nchunc

I personally like Endomondo. It has a nice clear, simple display. No good for me now that I can only run indoors though as it won't track anything when I'm on the treadmill.


I hear folks like Endomondo too. I don't have a phone that's posh enough for apps so can't comment personally

Wind plays havoc with our runs but hey it's all good. You did well to turn out in it so well done!

nchuncGraduate in reply to misswobble

Ah thanks!


It's a wonderful weather today and beeb yesterday did say it will be beautiful.

I just didn't want to miss a run! :D

Ha...well done nchunc.😊

I use Strava to record my runs.

Good luck with Week 9...eek..πŸ˜„

nchuncGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner



It is really Couch to 30 minutes anyway... not as catchy as C25K though... keep it slow and steady and you will get there :)

You did brilliantly.. wind behind, wind in front, wind at the side... but you did not get the wind up did you? :) xxxx ( see what I did there.. wind up.. panic.. tee hee)

Nearly there now :)

nchuncGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Ha. Thanks!


I love ❀️ a pun!


Well done, that got rid of the cobwebs I bet lol. Onwards x


I used Runkeeper ( the free version ) after Graduation. You can set it so a voice informs you of your pace and distance every 0.5km or so .

Yes it should be called " Couch to 30 minutes " but its not as catchy as Couch to 5k. As long as you run 30 minutes 3 times in Week 9, you can then get your badge - Taa Daa ! :

Keep going, youre doing great ! :-) xxx

nchuncGraduate in reply to poppypug

Ah yes! The batch :D

Can't wait! 😊

Sounds like you had a refreshing run today!

I pre-map most of my runs here gb.mapometer.com and then calculate pace here arkansasrunner.com/calculat...

but then I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to technology - sometimes it's a challenge for me to work out where the next podcast is!

W9 starts on Monday - what ever are we going to do next month??

nchuncGraduate in reply to SlowSlowKwikKwikSlow

That's a great. I will give those a go.


After week 9! Hmm, I guess we live healthy and happy ever after!


Mind you, I am planning on converting people to Labour and take up running :D


I used map my run for the first time = very proud I was able to download it without the aid of a small child

Recorded first run -what a great toy -worried if it would work with Laura - it did

Last night did W8 R1 ( I know I can't believe it ) tried to use my new toy again no glasses hit the cancel button and very annoyed with my self

Have to have car keys with me when I run -carried in not so elegant bum bag can't cope with glasses as well

nchuncGraduate in reply to Worldsend

Map My Run. I should try.


I guess people like us are the primary target for the apple watch. If only it's not 200 times the price of a small stopwatch.


Basic map my run is free

I think you can upgrade and pay for heart monitor's or something

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