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I am running for........ Week 6 - Feel free to join

Welcome to the I am running for........ Week 6 Quest feel free to join.

hope you are all doing well. There are some great quest pledges this quest.

Please feel free to join in if you like, it's just a bit of fun. I just thought it would make a good name for the Quest, after nearly three years I'm running out of names so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

What the quest is:-

The quest takes six weeks. You can join any time within that six weeks.

The main aim of the quest is to help you find a focus or goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the Quest period.

I ask that you will be a graduate or about to graduate to join the quest. The main reason I ask this is that while you are doing the program your plan is very structured so I wouldn't want the quest to interfere with that.

Most popular goals are:-

To run three times a week

To slowly increase distance

To train for a specific race

To add In Stretch and strength exercises

As you can see they are personal to yourself and it's totally your own choice.

Every week I will pin a new post where all the members of the quest can talk about how things are going.

So if you wanted to join all you have to do is put

I would like to join the quest, or count me in and then I would like to. ..............

Your name will then be added to the top post and every week your name will be in the quest until the end.

At the end, only for those that would like to, we each put out longest run of the quest and it is then marked on a virtual run.

























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I will post later. Happy Healthy running to you all.

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Morning RFC!

Another week of the quest is here again. Glad to be back to running after being injured. Crikey it feels fab to be back out there. I had a race on the 3rd and was very achey for a week and have only just started to feel more comfortable. Hit the trail last night for a steady recovery run

Hope to keep running every other day in preparation for a 10k race in two weeks. Going to get back to my fitness DVD's now that my calf is better.

Good luck with your running week fellow Questers ☺


Running every other day - you will defo be ready for your race, MissW. Glad your calf is better :)


I had a slightly quieter week, due to a number of factors like weather, work and new shoes. Couldn't run at the weekend as it was pushing 30C by the time I got up on both days. Even this morning at 5:30 am it was 23C and I was a puddle by the time I got home. I ran a very nice "stamina" last Monday - actually the first time I've managed that podcast. Got a good rhythm. Then I did "Speed" on Wednesday and on Friday because I was feeling good I got myself a PB of 33:30 for 5 k. New shoes have made me run faster, the first time I ran in them I hared off and did a really fast 2k (but ran out of steam after that!). This week I need to do a longer run. It's supposed to cool down later in the week, so I'm actually looking forward to a little rain! Looking forward to taking my new shoes out on a longer run in the woods. Happy running all!😎

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30C :O Yukyukyuk! Well done for running even at 23C. And happy new shoes :)


Hello Fellow Running Questers,

I sat fingers poised to write this entry and I produced a long sigh :-). My winter of running continues. Berlin is humid and/or hot, and the clouds of my thesis defense are dark, dark, dark on the horizon.

However! I did manage one day of arms and core last week, and I had four runs: 7k, 5k, 5k, 5k.

I had to throw the myAsics plan out the window. I just can't complete the distances in this humidity and heat, plus my schedule is very erratic at the moment. Fretting in the night + tending to my children = laughter at 5:30 in the morning when the alarm goes off.

So, the goal for this week is to run 4-5 times, 5k each, and one day of arms and core.

I fly to the UK on Wednesday, and the hotel I am staying in promises access to a nearby fitness centre pool, so I aim for two sessions there.

Wish me luck, runners, and happy trails to each of you!

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I think you're sensible to adjust your plan to take account of the heat and your thesis. Your thesis is important, as is your family, and running will still be there for you. Running 4 times a week is great, even if the runs are shorter than you would like. Happy running in the UK :)


Yes, well, 5k now is possible every day (which is extraordinary), and I figured I have to keep running this week so that I will not freak out.

I'm really looking forward to the UK runs - I even have one slotted in for the morning of the defense. I had so hoped to be there for a parkrun but alas I will fly over on Tuesday and back late Friday evening. Sigh. Maybe next time.


Which day is the defense? Then we can all be thinking of you :)


Thank you, it really will be momentous for me, six years in the making. One foot in front of the other, word by word.

Friday, mid morning. All thoughts welcome: from the pavements, from the trails, wherever you are.


Friday 15th? Right! It's in my diary :)


I forgot to say that after doing no kilometers for several weeks, last week I did 17.8k Go me!


One measly run last week, that was all. In my defence, the shingles are still with me, although fading I'm glad to say, but they are still quite painful and I am more tired than I usually am, so decided to be kind to myself after much wise advice from lovely people on this forum :) I meant to go on Sunday morning but it would have been a swim rather than a run, the weather was so bad.

However... on Tuesday, my local running club is starting a 10-week course of 'come and join us' runs. I tried them a couple of years ago and DNF on the first evening :D . They started off quite fast (I thought) and headed off up the Trail but up(hill) the tunnel, which I hate and loathe with a passion! (It has spooky train noises in it). I hope that this time I am a little bit fitter, can run a little bit further and can just grit my teeth if we do the revolting tunnel again. I'll let you know how it goes.

Happy Questing everyone, and a speedy recovery to those on the IC or suffering in any way x


One is greater than none!

Have a good week, good luck with your running club (I got a bit sweaty and scared just typing the words!).


Thank you! I didn't feel that I fitted in at all last time, but I was still fairly uncertain about running and felt very unconfident about what I looked like etc. (there were quite a few snooty swishy ponytails). I have hit a bit of a rut with my running so if it can help me in any way, I can ignore them all and get what I need out of it :D And they might be nice this time, you never know!


I think you are ready to tick "intermediate" runner in the forms. It really is about your running, and what you need from it/for it.

I have a number of snooty swishy ponytails in my park, and I used to get all nervous and insecure when they passed me (and they really all do). Then one day I realized that I hardly ever see one of them more than once. It may be because they are really tearing up the streets and so only pass through once in a while, but maybe not.


Ah, yes, it would be terrible to get the ponytail all sweaty! :D

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I think I remember your love of that tunnel... bravo you for thinking of doing it again.


They might not go that way... but if they do I will try to be brave! Thank you :)


You could borrow Google... not that she's brave, but makes it easier to be.


Awww - nice idea! I'll see what the club policy is on running with a comfort blanket :)


My goals:

1. A speed run every week - no - recovering from a nasty stomach bug

2. A 5km run every week - yes - but on the wrong day due to eating too much pizza with American friends the night before the intended day (4th July celebrations).

3. A "long" run every week - no - did the 5k instead because I wasn't sure how things would be after the aforementioned bug.

4. Get rid of the bruises and grazes after my fall. Grazes almost completely healed - the skin just looks a bit pink and new in places, bruise on hip now invisible. Left elbow also now rated as tender rather than sore. (Copy-paste from last week!)


Not the most brilliant week in terms of my Quest goals last week and my goodness is it really that close to the end.

I think I'd overegged the yoga/exercise class pudding the week before. At any rate none of that happened (apart from my usual morning yoga practice and the squats for Rignold (I suspect he'd have something to say about my technique)

I was quite unwell and my husband was busy so there was no swimming or cycling either and I was in my bed even more than I usually would be (which is a lot) But I went out for one run despite the pain... perhaps even because of it as I thought I may as well shake things up a bit and see if it helped. Not the most conspicuously successful - I finally gave up all attempt at running after 30 minutes when both my shoes were stuck in the mud simultaneously for the second time, as detailed elsewhere (and the first time wasn't the first time one or other had come off in a bog that day) But it helped me lighten up a bit and I wandered out of the woods in my socks with my shoes in my hands and a big grin on my face. And did feel a bit better.

As to my weight, well who knows given that one day it shot up several kilos, next day dropped several kilos. Then up etc etc.


It is by now a familiar refrain, but one is greater than none! And what a one it was, too!

I hope you feel better this week.


I am so impressed that you had a grin on your face having lost your shoes in a bog! I would have been cursing and swearing and probably sitting down and crying and phoning for a taxi to come and get me and take me home, however impossible that would have been from the middle of Curbar Edge or wherever you were :D

I'm sorry you've been poorly , though. Hopefully things are better now and this week will be more like you want it to be.


Well I did manage to dig them out, eventually, with an impressive slurping noise from the bog. Had I had to leave my not very old shoes behind altogether I *would* have been very unhappy!

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I'm just doing what I can, the weather has gone bonkers here (what a surprise lol) last week it was 34C, and blazing sun, now it's bloomin' chilly and raining... ran 2 days on the trot already, and today is bucketing down, and I'm tempted...I'm managing about 20 ish KM per week, so I'm happy with that...


Only the one again last week. Too busy getting ready for hols 👍

Did get to the top of the Orthopaedic list and get knee X-rayed on Friday. At least it should confirm (or not!) that it's just weakness and nothing too serious.

This week will be better exercise wise 🛥🛥


I'm pleased to say I've kept to my quest goals for the week :)

1. Ran two 5ks one of which was the race for life.. first running event and first medal since high school.. which were all swimming related.. I did aspire to be a swim instructor.. lol but life didn't take that path :)

One 30 min run

2. Two swim sessions

3. Dumbells,squats for Rig.. ( hopefully he's getting there!) X

Gave up on the healthy diet for a treat night and had huge slice of apple pie and hot custard..ohh gosh it was good :)

But only for tonight!!

Hopefully by the time realfoodiclub puts up next quest.. I will have thought of my next goals..

Happy questing all x


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