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Really could not be bothered today.....then a miracle happened!!

The snow is still thick on the ground, although most of the pavements are clear, my legs still hurt a bit from swimming (when I wrote my rather boastful swimming blog I was still on a high, next day I could feel it !) so had decided not to go out running today, I deserve a day off, been cross training and swimming everyday while it is too snowy too run.

Then next thing I know I am actually putting my running gear on, not actually intending to go out or anything, just putting it on. But wait, where are you going? Out the door 5 minute warm up walk and bam, we're off!!

My best run so far, for the first time I really enjoyed it while I was actually doing it, and I mean every step. Normally I can just about convince myself I feel ok for the first mile or so but today big grin in place and felt like I was floating rather than plodding down the pavement (you know what I mean). For the first time my second mile pace was quicker than my first normally it drops off a lot! It was still 32 mins and 3.06 miles (my last run was 32 mins 3.05 miles) but on a much harder route with hills and ice, at one point my legs were going like a cartoon without hardly moving forward due to a particularly icy hill.

I wish I knew what happened, I would like every run to be like this. How do we bottle that "good run out the blue" feeling? I am going to try and find out and make my fortune!

:-) :-) :-)

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'like I was floating rather than plodding down the pavement' ........ ohhhhhhhhh I love that feeling but only had it a couple of time! Its the motivator to get me out everytime in the the hope that this will be the one!

You made a decent time too, particulaly given the ice! Well done.


It'd be so good if all our runs were like that! Still, maybe we wouldn't appreciate the good ones so much then? Well done for going out and amazing yourself! :)


They are just great when they work out like that. Well done for getting out there in the freezing cold and snow. All that exercise too! You're putting me to shame :-) Just my guilty conscience telling me I should be doing more, but off out tonight hopefully and will get that floating on air feeling too.


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