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Gremlins 1 Khrissy 0

Last week I did stepping stones and absolutely loved it, kept up with the pace and the time just flew....tonight, 20 minutes in and I was struggling big time, the gremlins were telling me that if I was puffing now there was no way I'd manage to up the pace so I might as well stop and I listened to them and had to brisk walk for 3 minutes, it was only the thought of blogging to you lot that I'd, erm, f@!led that made me pick up the pace and run for the last 5 minutes again but I'm so cross for letting them get the better of me :X

In my defence I went on a hen weekend from Friday to Sunday and with all good intentions took my trainers in order to keep up with the programme but there were a number of reasons (excuses) as to why they never made it out of the case, namely;

1. The hills (we were in The Lakes - jaysus, there's not a flat bit anywhere!)

2. The snow (I genuinely feared I'd never see my family again when I was driving there in the dark on Friday night)

3. The alcohol (too much was consumed - nuff said)

4. The late nights (3.30am on Friday and notacluewhattime on Saturday)

5. The food (too much of the stodge variety, weighed me down like lead)

6. The hills

7. The hills

8. The hills

Sooo, the gremlins won tonight but I'm back on the wagon, eating properly again and getting my required amount of sleep and I'm coming out fighting on Wednesday, butts will be kicked :D

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Them gremlins are nasty little so-and-so's! What with that and the busy weekend well done for getting out there and doing as much as you did; you still did more than those people sitting at home on their butts on the couch!

It is my daughters hen night on Friday; think I may well end up with a sore head as I hardly drink alcohol at all now (2 glasses of wine since Christmas...); there is wine bought for pre dinner drinkies at home, then out to a Chinese, then pub and then nightclub for the hardy souls still standing! Think I may well bow out at the pub stage!

In view of above I have no plans for Parkrun on Saturday; that will have to wait for a week! I will be out for a run tonight after work then food shopping... :-)


Oh that's funny khrissy, that fact u packed them in your case in the first place made me laugh the most :-)

Hen weekend-running.... As if xx

You'll be so ready for Wednesday now though x


Never mind, Khrissy, you'll be back out there this week, no problem. I'm ever so impressed that you actually took your trainers :D And yes, hills + snow = no, thanks!


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