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B201K Week 1 run 3 - 6 whole K!!

Well, I set out last night to crack the final run of week 1 of the B210K programme.

Run 2 was a brilliant run, and I was on a real high after that. But when it came to run 3, I just wanted to get round. It had been a busy week at work, and I didn't want to do anything silly like starting too fast. I've made that mistake before!!

So off I went, thinking I should calm down, take it slow, and just enjoy getting around. I kept saying 'time doesn't matter. Just slow down and enjoy it!'

Half way round I noticed that I'd done 3K, so the 6K was possible in the 43 minutes total. But again, I really just wanted to finish. I carried on. When the Garmin told me I'd knocked another minute and 20 seconds off my 5K time, I nearly fell over! (Which would have been a real shame and would have spoiled all the good work, lol :-D) I kept going, and halfway through the last 10 minute run I finally allowed myself to concentrate on the time and go for it to finish the 6K. And I did it!!!

I wasn't sure if going back to doing intervals was going to suit me, but it's been great! Just the one minute walking breaks are a real help, and are definitely improving my pace. Whether the benefit will still be there when I go back to longer runs remains to be seen, but it's all good so far.

Also, just another plug for the Garmin - I love it! It helps keep me going, tells me when I'm going too fast or too slow, and gives me loads of concrete things to be proud of when I get back. All of which makes me want to get out there again even more!!

Roll on tomorrow!! Week 2 - here I come! :-)

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Interesting - that's a big lump knocked off your 5k time! Glad you didn't fall over too!

Garmin's are an expensive toy - but I just keep telling myself they're a lot cheaper than exercise classes/gym memberships. And sooooo much fun! :D

My hubby lived just down the road from where you were running, when we were at uni (a very long time ago). Funny to see it on the garmin map. :)


Yes - other than my trainers (which were half price in Sports Direct) and my running kit (ditto), this whole fab programme has cost me nothing at all!

So the Garmin was a treat and a reward for finishing the C25K, and motivation to keep going afterwards! And I LOVE it!! :-)

It must be strange seeing familiar streets on the map - it's a great part of the town to live in. We only moved here 6 months ago, and we really like it.


I'm telling myself that if I stick to running for long enough (not sure how long that is), I might offer myself a Garmin as a reward :)

PS: I sound ignorant but what is B210K that everyone keeps talking about? Is it a paying programme?


B210K is Bridge to 10K (or rather, to 60 mins). There are a few of them out there, but the one I'm following is a 5 week programme to take you from 30 to 60 minutes. You go back to intervals, which I was nervous about, but it's really seeming to suit me :-)

If you're interested there's a link to the podcasts in this blog:

Enjoy :-)


Thanks very much, I'll look into it :)


That sounds like a good run, it is ace when it all seems to fall into place, I cannot wait to c210k! Garmin s are great, I don't go running anymore, I go data collecting :-)


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