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Diversion required

So far I have tried to run away from the main road as I can't hear Laura so well, plus could do without the strange looks as I puff and pant my way round :) However this morning DS forgot his tin of fruit for fruit crumble in "food Tech", so no choice but to run/walk to school and combine a few bicep curls along the way ;) . Fortunately apart from a few latecomers there were no witnesses, however the school secretary's face was a picture as I staggered into the reception.

Off to Brighton now to take DD for minor op, can't run there unfortunately as DD can't be left due to sedation, or could just do a nice run a long the prom!

Onwards & backwards - does it get easier??

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LOL - loving the idea of bicep curls with the tinned fruit while running! :D

I got to school last Friday to collect DD2 - and her teacher asked if she'd seen me running with the dog that morning. Ah. Yes. Spotted! Fortunately anyone who's commented to me that they've seen me running has been very nice and supportive - and in some cases almost envious, I think. (I've only once had to get to the school without having had time for a shower. But that time I went for a liberal dose of DD1's body spray just to try and mask the worst of it ;) )


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