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Week 4 Run 3 (treadmill)

I decided it was too slippery and treacherous to do Run 3 outside today so I did it on the trusty treadmill. It was another good session. I've really enjoyed this week and have really felt like I've made some progress.

Feeling ever so slightly nervous about Run 3 next week... But I will do the build up to it and see how I go. With it being Easter and having a few days off work, I might jig things around a bit so I can repeat Run 3 if I feel the need. :-)

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hi, your at the same stage as me, and rather than worry about the next weeks runs I'm becoming intrigued as to whether I can do it and can hardly wait to give that W5 Run 3 a go, but I will carry on with build up and trust in it.

All the best to you for Week 5. Julie


If you feel you're making progress then more than likely you'll be fine with the 20 minute run. So instead of making room for a possible repeat of week 3 you can save that spot for W6R1. :)


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