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Run 3 Week 4

Completed Run 3 of Week 4 this morning - I got up and out at 7am on a bank holiday so was feeling very proud of myself but I didn't enjoy my run.

For some reason it hurt much more today and I was willing the end to come - the other two runs in this week I have really enjoyed so was very surprised.

I plan to start week 5 on Wednesday and really hope I got my mojo back

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Some runs are great, some not so great.

Thing is, you did it and a not so great run is better than no run.

Good luck with week 5


I think as long as you rest up now, it's often after those horrible runs that you find you make the most progress. Best of luck for week 5.


thank you for your support


Well done on getting through the run, despite it not going well. You could have given up, but you didn't! :-)

As Runner56 says, we all have bad runs, where nothing goes right. The next one is usually better! Good luck for week five on Wednesday! :-)


sometimes we all have a bad run, but you just pick yourself up, focus and keep going and the next will be great I'm sure :)


Well done on completing this run even though it wasn't going well for you. These things happen sometimes and there is no rhyme or reason for it. Good luck with the next run, I'm sure it will be better for you, and my very best wishes.


But you persevered and completed it which is great for increasing stamina so well done. Truth is not every run is a great run. Some are pretty sh*t to be honest and this could be for a variety of reasons, eg. We are tired, we aren't properly fuelled, we are coming down with a cold, etc.

Sometimes it's good to take an extra rest day.

Good luck for week 5


thanks everyone I am doing Run 1 of Week 5 early tomorrow morning - I normally run at night after work but I am on holiday this week so much prefer the mornings.


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