holy fitness, Batman!

From September to December last year I swam regularly, but then I was hit by a monster cold that refused to go away for 3 weeks. I stopped swimming and decided to run instead, and in January I started the Couch to 5k programme. At the time I stopped swimming I could do 8 laps of the pool (50m per lap). I swam ONCE in February (could do only 5 laps that day) and fell ill again 3 days later so stopped again.

Today was rest day so I decided to go for a swim instead of literally rest. The first lap was difficult, but then it felt amazing! I usually swim two lap sets, then take a break to catch my breath, and I was taking less than 30 second breaks before doing the next set. Whereas back when I swam regularly I would have to stop for a couple of minutes at least to catch my breath. And, despite not having gone swimming in months, I did 10 laps today! I could have gone on but decided not to overdo it.

This is, without a doubt, because of running. My fitness levels have improved drastically in the last 3 months. I can't wait to see what happens the more I run :)

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  • good going batgirl xx

  • Thanks :)

  • That's fantastic! Well done :)

  • Thanks :)

  • You are amazing!!! Well done hunni x

  • Thank you :)

  • So..not only a runner..but a mermaid too. Sounds wonderful.Β 

    You are right about the running and fitness... I did a new Pilates class yesterday and it was intense... good, but intense.. I found my breathing particularly was really improved...Unfortunately when she said breathe out... I had so much breath, it took ages, then she would say breathe in and I was behind everyone else, because I had so much breath to release!!!

    Glad you are feeling better anyway x

  • Definitely not a mermaid. I take slow and steady seriously in the pool too :) I am feeling better, thanks x

  • Great stuff shivani 😊you are going from strength to strength 😊

  • thanks, Rob!

  • Excellent Shivani! I swim too and I have definitely noticed a similar effect.Β 

  • It is ... Wonder Woman! Isn't it great to notice improvements? I take singing lessons andnotice I have so much more puff these days. I should really try and get back into swimming but no idea where I'd find the time. Timely reminder Shivani, I will have to look into it. My technique isn't great though, our school had a swimming coach come in to teach swimming but when my class had lessons, I was off sick. When I got back, I just had one of the nuns and her method was to say, just get in the pool bop and off you go. I may have improved my style a bit over time but no one saw fit to teach me properly since I was sort of managing. I suppose I could take lessons at 50 but it seems a bit ridiculous at my age. I just do breast stroke and keep my head above water. Would like to do a proper crawl.

  • It's funny you should talk about technique...I twisted my back (I'm mobile but definitely can't run) and I don't know if it's because of the swimming or maybe I just slept badly. I took lessons 25 years ago and only know how to do breast stroke, but I definitely have a screw kick.

    Singing lessons sounds lovely! Do you perform?

  • Oh that's a shame with your back. Hope it comes right quickly. Swimming is supposed to be great for your back and you wouldn't expect swimming to hurt it at all! I suppose it could be a combination of things and then sleeping with a nerve cramped for a time. I just sing in a choir but I absolutely love it. I come out buzzing more than after a run. I think it is a similar effect though. I cycle home, singing most of the way! In my defence it is about 10 pm by then so I don't startle too many people on my way. At my age I think it is ok to let some eccentricity out...

  • Sounds like you would give the Brownlee brothers (GB's lovely olympic medal winning triathlete brothers) something to think about Shivani...lol 😊

    Brilliant that your stamina and fitness from running crosses over into your swimming.. Β You sound so sporty now!!

    Now just the cycling to get a grip with....he he πŸ˜‰πŸƒπŸŠπŸš²

  • Bless you, Jan, I don't think anyone's ever said I sound sporty before 😊 Long way to go before I actually am.

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