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Week 3 Laura's deluded!

So week 3....hmmmmm it's snowing - yup SNOWING !!! What's the warm up track on week 3? - "It's a beautiful day" - not! But I did it, I actually ran 3 minutes without stopping not once but twice, oh and a bit more before and after. Now I suppose there are no excuses left any more :) I find I run better in the morning than after work though, but can only manage that twice a week, until the mornings get lighter, really didn't think I could do it!

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:) See - it works! Even in the snow. :)


Well done! I know it is hard to motivate yourself when it is so miserable outside, but keep going as it will be worth it :)

What did you wear? I'm finding it hard to know what to wear on a run with snow, so need some help please!

Glad you had a good run :)

~ Olivia


I wore tracksuit bottoms, so far I've been running on grass so I wear walking shoes as they support my ankles more, a vest, long sleeve lycra type top but my outer is a double skinned windproof zip up coat and a buff to keep my head warm and my ear phones in place. Don't need gloves as the sleeves come down over my hands. I probably look a sight, but it works for me :) Snow here in Berkshire isn't pitching but it's slushy underfoot so feel safer on grass than on pavements.


Thanks :) You've given me some ideas for my own running outfit :)


Well done, the weather is terrible, but it makes the commitment even more impressive. I was running on sheet ice in week 5 and absolutely committed to was going out for a run whatever the weather was up to outside.

Keep as warm as you can, as you will start to get too hot when running and too cold when not, I used my gloves to regulate my temperature and it worked for me. No gloves when running and then gloves on when walking. I also used a beanie hat.... I hate being too cold.

3 minutes is excellent. You will be running more soon! Good luck and keep us posted.


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