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Encouragement for the seriously overweight - W5R3

I've been fretting about the third run of this week for at least 2 weeks now. I read the posts here, and had been psyching myself up for it by thinking that I just needed to have faith in the programme and myself; that if I did all the runs before it, I would be able to run 20 minutes. But, I had this doubt in the back of my mind because I think most of the posters here are probably not as overweight as I am, and maybe it just wouldn't be possible for someone like me. I'm female, 37, ~155cm (5'1") tall, and this morning before my run, I weighed exactly 17 stone (238 lb).

However, for other C25Kers my size who are just starting out, I want to say, YOU CAN DO IT! I went out this morning nervous and panicky and worried, but I just paced myself as usual, listened to Laura, and kept telling my legs to keep moving, and I made it! YOU CAN, TOO!

Thanks to everyone here for all the posts. I find reading them so encouraging. I'm not sure I'd have believed in myself enough to keep on without you all.

Wishing everyone more great runs!

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Toegloves well done you, YOU DID IT :) You know over weight or not there are loads of us who have had the same misgivings as you had, you didn't let it beat you though, you gave it your best and believed in the programme and more importantly you believed in yourself.

Good luck for the next stage, YOU CAN DO IT just have that faith and determination, we little girls (5' 1" too) often have to try that bit harder, but we have real grit. :)


Many congratulations, it is a wonderful achievement and very inspiring.


WOW that's SO inspiring.


That's great - well done! Very inspiring I'm about to start week 5 (depending on the snow) so it was really inspiring to hear about your success. :D


Toegloves I am sending you big (((hugs))) So very well done and absolutely amazing achievement. I hope you are tremendously proud of yourself. :-)

Keep going and keep the faith. :-)


Hi Toegloves! Very well done on completing w5r3! It is so inspiring and such an amazing feeling to complete something that a few short weeks ago would have seemed impossible!

You are certainly not alone in doing c25k while haing weight to lose; I started it just after joining weightwatchers at the end of Sept; I was about 18.5 stones; and very concious of it when I was venturing out for my runs in the local parks. I stuck with it, graduated and am now doing (slow) 5k 2-3 times a week; and weighed in at 16stone 12 yesterday! Still a long way to go to get to my goal weight, but I hope to be almost there by my birthday in November, and have 3 weeks to hit my goal of 2 stones off before my daughters wedding on 12th April.

I feel so much fitter and healthier for doing the C25K, and have chatted about it so much at work that 4 people there have started and another of my friends began today... :-)

Good luck for the rest of your runs :-)


Well done you, that's great. It's amazing how much of this is mental strength. I completely messed up my first 20 minute run, I had to sort my mental attitude out. You have sorted the main barrier now. X


Congratulations! That run is such a mental hurdle. Well done you. :)


Congratulations, I did my W5 R3 yesterday and when I got weighed at Slimming World that night I was 17 st 0.5lb. You don't have to be built like a whippet to do it. I got my 1.5 stone award yesterday as well which made the day doubly special. Well done you and good luck with week 6 x


Toegloves... you are doing fantastically well, just believe in yourself, as you can do it

... and as for size, I'm a little taller at 5ft 11inches and heavier at over 19stone and a size 22, and I graduated this week :D

...and I feel so much better for it.

So keep running and believing x x x


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