Thanks for the encouragement

2 days ago, I was feeling dejected as my Wk7r3 hadn't gone to plan! I asked for rallied round....and I tried again this morning. I wasn't feeling confident but with your wise words of "just a practise run"' "everyone has a bad run now and again", "just a blip"....ringing in my ears, I set off! 25 minutes = Completed! I'm back on track - thanks to you! Bring on week 8!

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  • Brilliant. The finishing line is in sight now πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Great stuff, we knew you could do it! Just think, in a couple of weeks it'll be you with "graduate" next to your name encouraging other new runners! XX

  • Well done :-)

  • Well done you!! We all have off days but need to remember we are passing everyone still on the couch anyway . Sounds like you have overcome all your gremlins though. Enjoy week 8. You get to meet Julie at last!!

  • Fantastic! Enjoy the feeling:)

  • Fantastic! That's how it goes :)

  • There you go! Just a blip. Week 8 will be over before you know it and you'll be heading for graduation 😊

  • Well done.... congrats :-)

  • That's great - it's all consolidation now.

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