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1 - 2 weeks without running? You're having a calf aren't you?

Well it appears my thoroughly strained calf will take a week or two (or more) to heal. I can't believe I am saying this but I am desperate to get back out and run. After turning a twinge into a strain by coming back early last time I am anxious to ease myself back in. I have lined up some very easy swimming with my toddler which I hope will help and walking with him on my shoulders also seems to help for some reason.

Do any runners have experience from coming back from a strain? I want to get back to 30 minutes but suspect I will need to go back a few weeks. Any advice from someone who has gone through this would be great as I really have no experience with this sort of a thing.

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I'd be surprised if a two week lay off set you back too much at all.


Not in my experience, I just eased back slowly (not running too fast). It takes more than a week or two to lose fitness.


After 3 months off running and 6 of those weeks I could hardly walk due to sciatica last year I did C25K starting from week 3 only doing 2 off the runs until I got to week 5 I then did all the rest of the program in full.

I'm as of today off my running again due to Peroneal teninopathy, its so darn frustrating. I wouldn't think you will lose much fitness in a couple of weeks so long as you are still quite active. Take the first run slow and gentle break it up with some intervals of walking and listen to your body and in particular the injured site. Good luck, wish you a speedy recovery, will keep my fingers crossed for you.


Hi Couchtokiltlegs, I am just starting back running after 3 weeks off from a calf 'twang' - have a look at my ramblings (I won't bore everyone with them here again).

I have extra stretches to do from the physio and strict instructions to go get gait analysis and new special shoes within the next couple of weeks and before I start running over 5k again.

I've kept the fitness going by using the gym bikes and light work on the cross-trainer, and still went out with my running partner for a 10k but walked it (once I could walk 'normally' again about a week after it happened). I am now following the physio's instructions of doing my normal weeknight and weekend runs but doing 1k walk, 1k run for the first week, then 0.5 walk, 1.5 get the idea lol. And ice it and more ibuprofen afterwards.

Just take it gently, but definitely rest it and ice/ibuprofen for a week then see what you can do.

Good luck!


I am currently off with a sprained knee so perhaps we will be starting back at the same time. I don't have any advice, I just want to know what people post. It is weird how much I miss the running, although walking would be a novelty right now :)


I feel your pain, I too am off running with injury, not yet sure how long for, got another appointment with physio next Friday. Will be out for a walk later today and next week will have to go into the gym to try and keep strength and stamina up. Hope your calf improves quickly so you can get back out there, take it easy though, good luck.


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