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Week 4 run 2

Well a day late but I have just completed it albeit still on the treadmill am not yet ready to brave the outside. I couldn't say it was easy but at no time was I likely to give in so I guess it really is more mind than matter now. New shoes are breaking I nicely foot still a little bit sore but nothing like it was so well worth the money. I am reading everyone's post who has done week 5 as I need some inspiration and encouragement that this is achievable. Will give it a go on Sunday so look out for my next instalment hopes I can do this cannot believe how much I am enjoying running like a lot of you I was the slow child at PE and apart from yoga did no exercise at all. Love this programme everyone should do it and reading your posts gives me inspiration every single day. Keep up the great work guys

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Well done!! Like you, I also hated all forms of exercise, and never ever thought I'd even complete the programme, let alone enjoy it and sign up for a 10K soon after finishing!!

Keep enjoying the running, and when you do make the move to outside, enjoy that too! I have massive respect for people who do this on a treadmill - I'd NEVER be able to do that!! :-)


Thanks I avidly read all the posts gives me the determination to keep going but with week fives first run looming on Sun I am more than a bit apprehensive but do believe a lot of it is mental stumbling blocks need to believe that I can do it thanks for the encouragement


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