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5x50-28 short run

I did do one long run (7k) earlier this week, but think I'm going to stick to shorter ones for a bit, because with 5x50 I have trouble finding the energy for the longer ones, but I don't want to stop running.

So, I did a one mile run along the flat road from my house to the edge of the village and back. Took me 12 minutes, which is a good pace for me. I think I'll redo that run and try to get it a bit faster - or maybe go a bit longer at the same pace - rather than going for long runs for a while.

When I got back I did a 30-minute yoga session, and was a bit more energetic with the yoga than usual, so I feel I've done a good effort for today, even though my running only covered about 1.5k running. I'm really glad I've started yoga again, after about a 25 year break - it really does reach many parts of the body! So there's another positive for the 5x50 challenge. :)

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Had to re-read that last bit... thought you'd written "Refreshes the parts other ***** cannot reach"!

Well done on the 'new' run. :-)


Thanks. :) The other benefit of a shorter run is keeping my face out of the sun and wind - my 5k walk earlier this week made my face flare up again. :( Even with vaseline and factor 50 sunblock. However, the rest of me is fine! Yoga is good as I can do that indoors.


I walked 7k today to get to a 3K run.

I have been doing shorter runs and walks this week because I don't really have it in me to do more.

I feel like my energy levels are now adapting to the constant excersise.


That was a long walk to get to a run! 10k altogether is a good day's work.


I had another 2k walk at the end, I was going to my mothers. A walk to a nice river path which I ran down thence was going to do another 4.5 walk but I gave into sore feet and jumped on a bus for the last little bit.

It was a nice day though if a bit windy and cold.


Glad you're enjoying your yoga after all this time, Greenlegs - I have only ever done one yoga class, many years ago on a weekend at a health spa with 5 other girls from work... One had vicious wind, and the whole class ended up choking with laughter and unable to continue, much to the instructors disgust! Put me off forever! ;-)

Your short sharp run idea sounds good, hope it helps your pace, and your to skin heal :-)


So far that problem hasn't arisen in our new yoga class at work - but we're all aware it might! I think it does somehow make it worse when the others are work colleagues!

My hips are aching this morning from the yoga - far more than they have ever ached from running! Bending down to pick something up and standing up again makes me feel like a really old lady! At least that makes me feel that yoga is not quite so much like cheating! :D

Well done on your parkrun achievement - one day I'll do another one - perhaps I should find a flat one though!


That's a good day's effort, Greenlegs, and well done for taking up yoga again :) As you say, if you can do this and it gives your skin a chance to recover, it's a win-win. Wonderful :)


Ha ha - just noticed the oranges! Very tasty, thank you!

As I said to poppy above, the yoga has made me ache much more than running ever has - strange! I'm really enjoying the yoga, and am getting better at not feeling stressed when told to relax! :D


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