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Toughest yet

Just come in from W6R3 and boy was it hard! I think I went off too fast as my fitbit chimed in that I had run 1Km in 6min 3sec, this is way faster than I have ever run before and although it had been downhill I knew I would never manage it if I kept that up. I slowed myself right down worried that I wouldn't manage the whole run especially as the next 10minutes or so were all up a gradual incline. I can really tell the difference between flat and even the slightest inclinations now. I managed to push myself to keep going even though I was running into the wind, into the sun and uphill but I knew that the last 5 minutes were going to be downhill so even though I felt I was running on empty that kept me going. I'm really hoping that if I stick to that route over week 7 I will be able to notice an improvement in my fitness. Has anyone else found that that happens over the last few weeks where you run the same length of time each run?

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Go slowly!

No need for speed. All you have to do is complete each session. No need for heroics. The last thing you want at his stage is to tweak something

Go steady. There is plenty of time ahead for speeding up,once your running legs are built, which takes time

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Thanks - you're right. I have no idea where the speed came from - I think it was the downhill and fresh legs. I'm glad I realised with enough time to deliberately slow myself down.


Slow down.. don't move too fast..

You gotta' make your stamina last...

Take it gentle, nice and slow,

Making the nine weeks

and feelin' groovy!!!!

Okay, could not resist, sorry..but seriously. listen to misswobble :)


Apologies to Simon and Garfunkel


W6 has a bad rep! If it helps, I still take a leisurely 10m per km to cover my current limit of 6k (involves a lot of walking on the uphill bits) - and I am one week post graduate. I think that staying mobile which is my simple quest (I am quite old and can't afford too much time on the IC) probably mostly depends on staying injury free. And as stamina builds equally well at slow speeds as fast (I think that's right, experts?), and stamina comes before speed (again, am I right?) then it makes sense to be humble and slow. Hard I know - particularly when the sap is rising 😉


You got it!


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