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Found today hard w8r2

The first 5mins of today's run was a real struggle,

Then onto 10 mins and I was starting to think 'lets scrap this and try again'

Laura told me I was half way through at 14 mins, but my legs were just not playing,

I struggled on to 20 mins but still wasn't finding that 'happy pace'

Then it happened at 25 mins (no blooming use then is it!)

Then boom the last minute everything in my body was telling me to stop, stop NOW,

I literally crawled my way in,

The route I took was a large 5 mile circle that has 1.8 miles of bridle path, this is what I had to walk now to get back to my car :-(

Not a good one at all.

I drank plenty of water, ate porridge for breakfast, banana b4 going out, but still had that awful light headed dizzy feeling!! It's still with me 3 hrs later, had more water ate lunch but..

My head feels like its got Cotten wool in it.

Hope Saturday is better x

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Its just a bad run, we all have them. Shrug it off and take a couple of days rest. You'll find run3 a whole lot nicer. Maybe you're coming down with something, or maybe its just one of those days when your body doesnt want to play. Chin up. you'll be just fine next time -)


Thanx :-) I have just got over a cold, but this head thing has happened before not a good feeling, sat will be better glass half full kinda gal :-)


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