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Week 7 started this morning. Found it hard - but I managed it !

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Procrastinated a lot this morning but hubby nagged me into getting off! Did my usual route and kept going very well - until the last 'one minute'. What do you mean Laura - 'Up the pace and finish on a high? Are you MAD? Didn't manage to do that but did finish it all and my walk up the hill home was a slow crawl, and I mean very very slow! I have had a power nap since my shower and now feel bleary eyed but chuffed to bits that I did it!

Happy running everyone! Keep cool!

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I have been struggling with wk7 since the hot weather started and have found it tough, but someone told me to use wk6 run3 as the music was much better. I have done this now and have managed (although struggled) the music is much better so I will use this for the whole of wk7 runs.

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BeekGraduate in reply to Maturelady

I suppose we must expect it to be tough now! The heat isn't helping us at the moment. I am slowly getting a sense of achievement doing all this. And I am certainly feeling a lot more alert in myself. Good idea to use Week 6/3 music. Can't say it was the music that made it hard today, more my age, the weather, and life! Today I should be doing loads of stuff but I've already used all my energy up! I'm now absolutely sure this 'Use energy makes more energy' is an urban myth!

Hi Beek, well you've started W7 - not long to go now ! I'm just about to start W4 tomorrow ,feels good to have reached this stage and hope I can continue. Will go out early as its 34C at the moment here and similar forecast for tomorrow .The heat is really energy-sapping , so well done you ! Nothing beats that chuffed feeling of getting another run under your belt,does it?

Good luck for the rest of W7.

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BeekGraduate in reply to Carolecal

Thank you Carolcal. I struggle in the heat - that's why I no longer live in Oz!

Happy running to you too!

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Well done for getting so far!

The heat is really hard for running. I went out at 8 am this morning and it was already so hot that I had to walk a few meters two times because I felt a bit dizzy. I think to go "slow and steady" is even more important now than it is usually. I pured some water over my (long) hair before my run on Friday and I think it helped a bit to keep cooler for longer.

Laura is definitely mad. Faster? To end up on a high? I'm happy enough to end up on both legs ;) No, I can keep my very steady pace but only managed a few times to speed up. Is it in Week 7 when she tells you in the end to slow down to a walk? I can't remember if she says it at the end of every run or only at the end of the Week 9 podcast. Well, I always think: "Slow down? From what? Do you want me to go backwards?" ;)

Good luck for the rest of Week 7 and try not to push yourself too much. Slow and steady is the mantra that counts in these days.

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BeekGraduate in reply to nomoresloth

Hi nomoresloth (love the name!) I have been feeling dizzy lately too and drifting off the path a lot so did a few yards of walking in amongst the running. I don't recall being told to slow down to a walk at the end. Must pay attention next time. I end up radiating heat - does wet hair cool you down? I feel as if I'm going to explode some days. Didn't do run 2 this morning. The thunder storm put me off. It's still awfully humid but will DEFINITELY go tomorrow morning. Promise!

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I have great admiration that you have kept going in this weather. It's cooler in Aberdeen so running first thing in the morning is fine.

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BeekGraduate in reply to Canidoit

I am slowly wilting! Should have gone out this morning but huge thunder storm put me off. Got a big day of bee manipulating ahead so excuse is I need all my energy for that! I am easily excusing myself which is not a good thing. It's been a long hard trail of late with other stuff to deal with and big adjustments to make with my life.

I tend to go out as and when I can but think I should set days and stick to them. I need to be more disciplined don't I?

I am not getting the good vibes from it that I had hoped. It's more of a 'You know it's good for you - like medicine' feeling at the moment. Maybe the pleasure is yet to come?

Hello Beek - I was wondering how you were getting along - and by the sounds of it your managing to still make good progress.

It's certainly a killer isn't it that "Finish on a high" - I think the first time I heard it I told Laura exactly where she can stick her "High".

But then

There was one run - W8R2 I think - and I really did belt out the last minute, pounding legs and pumping the arms, proper sprinting (which I was secretly impressed with) - it gives you such a rush, such a buzz and you only have to do it for a minute.

Now I try to enjoy a buzz every time I run too.

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BeekGraduate in reply to

I shall look forward to doing a buzz one day. You say it gives you a rush. Problem is I need the rush to be able to do the buzz in the first place!

It's all a bit of a plod and I know I'm floundering a bit at the moment. My Mum died recently and I am overwhelmed with stuff to sort out. I'll get on top of it all eventually and then be able to focus on the running - soon, I hope.

Your blogs are brilliant - and so uplifting. Thank you!

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