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Help please

Just back from run2 of week8 , l was unable to run last week and both runs this week I was only able to do about10 minutes and have to walk for a bit and then another10 minutes running, my question is do I keep listening to week 8 and try and build up to 28 minutes or do I go back to another it my age (65) that without running for a week I lose all stamina?.help please.

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Why not try running to your own music? That might distract you enough to run a bit further next time. At that stage in the programme I used to put songs on my ipod that came to as near the time as I could get (or you could time yourself with your watch) and then just run.

If I were you I'd just go out and see what you can do. If you need another couple of runs to build up to 28 minutes again that's fine. Then when you've done 3 lots of 28 minutes, go on to 30 minutes and when you've done 3 of them, you're a graduate! It doesn't matter if you have 'practise' runs in between, it all does you good.

Happy running!


Thanks Mitts I will give that ago, we are off on a barge holiday around northampton next week so runs along the canal to different music might do the trick.


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