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i started c25k a few months ago, got up to week 5 then had such awful upper back pain that I couldn't move for a few days. The doctor said my back was really knotted and I shouldn't be running on the pavement as it's bad for you! I really wanna start the plan again but I'm scared the same thing will happen. Is t due to my posture? Am i tensing? If anyone has any advice I'd be so grateful. I was really enjoying the plan! Thank you

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  • Have you had physiotherapy? Did you have gait analysis? I would be scared on your position and think you should get some expert advice.

  • No I didn't have any of that. Just advised to rest and it got better after a couple of days. Thank you for your advice!

  • I went through a phase of having quite bad upper back pain too at one point, but eventually worked out that I'd started tensing up as I ran due to the colder weather. A great tip is to run as if you've got an invisible sail fastened to your shoulders that pulls your shoulders back and forces you to run more upright. Good luck, I hope you find a way around this problem :)

  • That's great advice, thank you! I'm gunna give it a go ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • I would definitely recommend a gait analysis if you haven't had one. I ended up injured from having naff shoes and, from experience, decent running shoes that suit your running style can make all the difference to those niggles. Cushioned shoes should make up for the pavement pounding that can cause injuries!

    The other thing is that, unfortunately, some doctors aren't very sympathetic to running injuries. I'm hoping they were supportive of your running and helped by suggesting how to prevent those injuries again, eg. running on grass instead of pavement? It is a bit of a pain and can be pricey but if you are really bothered then sometimes a sports physio is a good bet. When I was fobbed off my a doctor I went to a sports physio who told me exactly what the problem was, how long I should rest and when I would know that I was fit enough to run again. It really put my mind at rest and made me feel better about not doing any more damage!

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for you.

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