Garmin Help Please

Has anyone had trouble with their Garmin freezing up? Planned to do intervals today, located satellites ok and started my 10 minutes warm up jog, everything ok until I started my intervals the first buzzed ok then it went into power save mode and no matter what button I pushed nothing happened. It wasn't until midday that I was able to get it back, has anyone come across this Problem before as I could do with some advice please.

I also have another query I'm hoping to solve, even though I had no watch to go by I continued my intervals by using street markers (number of lamp posts), I found doing intervals quite tiring, more so than when I have run a longer distance, is this usual or was my pace to fast on the speed part? Any advice would be most welcome, thanks. Happy running to you all!


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27 Replies

  • Intervals are hard! They're meant to be that way. If you've got a HRM you can see your body increasing its work then recovering each time. I enjoy them.

    Can't help about the Garmin, though - I've never had a problem with mine.

  • Thanks Steve, couldn't check my HRM due to the frozen Garmin, but it will be something I will check on in future.

  • I did interval training last night 8 x 400 meters with a 5 minute break in between each one. You're not kidding they are hard, I've been shattered all day, far more than doing a 5k!

  • Let's hope it's worth the extra effort.

  • On Wednesday my intervals were 6 repeats of 4 minutes fast with a one minute recovery between. That was a good workout!

  • Im not sure I could manage that lol

  • I didn't think I would, but I did!

  • At my pace its 2.5 laps of a 400 meter track each time, then rest 1 minute. I'm sure Id need the air ambulance

  • Ah, well - I'm not that fast. Each interval was about 650-700m. Building, though.

  • Im just comparing your stats to mine. Ill send you my Garmin link if you want, see what you make of the comparison. Im 52 how old are you Steve?

  • 58. Yes to the Garmin link. I'm Steve_L_Oxf on Connect

  • You might have to reset your Garmin. Make sure you have the data stored on Garmin Connect as a reset will erase what's on your watch. I've had to do this once and contacted them directly. They were very helpful. I don't know which model you have but check this out too.

    Regarding intervals, yes they are tiring! Make sure you run very slowly on the recovery bits. Perhaps you're running too fast on them. Intervals are great for building stamina and improving speed so keep doing them and make sure your next run is an easy one.

  • Thanks IP, will check on the support link and google it as well. Hopefully it will be ok next time out. I will perservere with intervals it just took me by surprise this morning, plus it was guess work with distances and timing for recovery.

  • So thanks to your not working Garmin you did fartlek instead of intervals, not bad at all :-)

  • Not sure what I was doing in the end just judging distance by the number of lamp posts. The time was noted when I got back home and took an educated guess on how long it took to walk home. But it was still hard work.

  • I rebooted my Garmin when it froze, turned it off then back on and it was OK thereafter.

  • I managed to switch it off just after lunch by holding the reset and on/off button done together, not sure if is correct but it did get it back working again. Just hope it doesn't happen again as I have no idea why it froze this time.

  • Did the speed podcast once - didn't finish the last one and exhausted for the rest of the day. Don't have a garmin.

  • I know how you feel is was tiring.

  • So far my Minnie,has been perfectly well behaved, not let me down once! Still totally impressed, especially after battling with a swimming watch for a couple of years, lots of problems there!

    Well done on your interval run, I do "Speed" once a week and find it quite easy now, I really need to step out of that comfort zone!

  • Thanks, and that's my aim now, intervals once a week. Hopefully my Garmin behaves itself in future.

  • Well done Frank on the intervals, yes they are very tiring ! I love the Speed C25k podcast though, it makes me want to run with my arms horizontally and pretend Im a divebomber ha ha sshhh don't tell anyone :-D

    Hope you have resolved your troubles with your Garmin. My main trouble is remembering to turn it on and off ( as well documented on nearly every post of mine ! :-) ) xxx

  • Thanks Chris, but the truth is out now with you speed, you are a flyer! I reckon you are just modest with your speed, hence you don't switch your Garmin on. 😎xxx

  • Ha ha , you have sussed me Frank :-) Its all true ! :-) xxx

  • It's no good trying to kid a kidder 😎. xxx

  • Try a reset.

  • Thanks for that, I have got it back working again but not quite sure how I did it. Will try it out again tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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