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stopping timer for walk breaks part two

I asked the above question a few days ago and someone suggested my garmin was still mapping my route even though I had stopped the timer as I was not running so should I just keep my garmin going once its got its satellite even if I have to stop to walk or just try and keep and running?

I feel a cheat if I say I have done two miles even if I had to walk even for a couple of minutes.

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On my Garmin watch pushing the start button pauses the timer, then pressing it again resumes it. Does your Garmin not have that feature?

Some people like to include the walking bits, me being one of them. I'm keeping track of how long it takes me to run/walk a 5K, and I like seeing that I'm gradually improving on my time as my running distance increases and the walking parts become shorter.

On the other hand, I also want to do a session where I only time my 30 minute run (leaving off my warmup & cooldown walks) so I can get a more accurate picture of what my average running pace is over 30 minutes.

So really, time your sessions however you want. :)


The pause function only really works for when you are not moving, eg stopped for traffic. Imagine you run down your road for 20 mins, then slow to a walk and hit 'pause' on your Garmin. If you walk for 5 mins to then end of the road and turn into the park, then press 'resume' , the watch will start recording again from this point. But it has recorded this as one route and will plot a straight line between the last two positions that it determined from the satellites. So i'd keep it recording as this is a better indication of your session.. Are you uploading your Garmin records to Garmin Connect? If so, it should be obvious from your graph if/when you walked.



Yes I upload my runs on to Garmin connect -does it show walks in a different colour as I couldnt tell from my last run? I still feel iit was cheating to say I had run 2miles if I had to walk even if for a few minutes thats all.


No, it doesn't show walking and running sections in a different colour; I meant that when you look at your graph of the speed/pace it will show where you went slower than when you were walking. If I walk for a while I usually just make a note about that when I'm editing the file to give it a name etc. That way if I'm comparing run using the Analyse activities button.

If I think I'll be walking for a while (eg if I bump into a neighbour and walk for 3 minutes up the road with her before she turns off), I'll stop recording, save that run, then start anther session.


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