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Am I a proper graduate if I can't run 5K in 30 mins?

I graduated 3 weeks ago and run 3 times a week...been using the stepping stone podcast, and STILL can only run 4.10 K in 30 mins!! I'm wondering if I got my graduate badge under false pretenses. I really want a t-shirt but reckon I need to reach this elusive 5K first. I tried at the gym tonight on the treadmill thinking I may be able to crank up the speed, but still the same distance. I'm looking forward to trying a Parkrun but don't want to be the last to the finish line!

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You are not by yourself. If you look at the parkrun results, when they are shown on site, you will see that the fastest is around the 28mins.A lot of runners (if not most) take longer than 30 mins to do the 5k on graduating.

If you are running for 30mins then you have graduated. Congratulations!


Yes. I graduated over 3 months ago and still need 34-35 minutes to run 5k. Don't worry !


No, the 5k thing is just a catchy part of the title and an aspiration - you are doing fine!

Remember this programme is for all.

Some of us are fast and some of us just arent!

Some of us are tall with long legs and some are shorter with short legs!

Some of us are the right weight and some of us are carrying a lot of spare!

Some of us have a reasonable level of fitness even before we start ,whereas some of us havent even tried to run for up to 35 years before starting!

Needless to say I am in the second category in each of those statements!

I was taking 42 mins to do 5k after I graduated then 2 weeks later did my first parkrun in 38.28 (the competition and the atmosphere inspired me, and I bet it will you!

A few weeks ago I did it in 36 mins so there is progress.

Good luck. And order that t-shirt, you deserve it!


YES:-) and all of the above. Think where you were before this program.


I loved all these encouraging, thanks! Good to hear about the parkrun. I guess it doesn't really matter how long it takes me to complete as long as I try. Maybe I am too hung up on the distance, whereas the fact I am running for 30 mins non-stop is an achievement in itself.

Do you know what? I think I will order that t-shirt! Thank you for all your comments.


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