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Week 4 Run 1

I did it! On the treadmill admittedly, which is definitely easier than the real world... but still I did it! I had a big grin on my face when the cool down walk started. I ran 5 whole minutes - twice! I know it isn't all that long in the scheme of things but a mere month ago I doubted my ability to keep running for 1 minute.

I found tonight's run really comfortable, body seemed to be working smoothly, breathing stayed under control and I was even able to concentrate on my posture and make sure I ran tall.

What fun! :-)

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Brilliantly done! To be able to do it and feel in control and comfortable is really good. Running for five times as long as you could a month ago sounds pretty significant to me! :) Don't knock it!


Congratulations on your 5 minute runs, sounds like everything went smoothly. Keep it up and may all your runs be fun. :)


Not only have you run for 5 minutes twice, you've run for 16 minutes! Well done - it's a great feeling to beat the doubts and realise just how far you've come in a few short weeks :)


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