W1 complete! Weather made it particularly interesting ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Dragged myself out of bed at about 10:30 this morning (in my defence I didn't go to bed til 1am, or 2am depending which way you look at it!) and decided to go for my run. I'd originally planned to run this evening, but when I looked at the weather forecast I figured I'd try and get my run in before storm Katy hits.

For some reason I found today harder than the first two runs. Might have had something to do with the wind, also the fact that the sun came out about halfway around and I was boiling!

Really pleased I've completed week 1 though. Plan to start week 2 on Tuesday. The big test will be whether I can keep this up once I'm back at work full time (have been running on random days off this week) and much more busy.


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  • Well done for completing week 1.  The weather has been pretty crazy today.  My first few weeks were dictated by the fact that I had to wait until it was dark (I don't care anymore).  I now come in from work, have a cuppa, get changed and go out straight away - before I get distracted.  You just need to find about 40 minutes but you'll soon find that you are looking forward to the next one.  Good luck with week 2.

  • I know what you mean about not caring - today was the only time in my three runs so far where I've not been put off running at a particular time by the thought of how many people will be out and see me, and what I look like. The thoughts were still there, but I just kept telling myself I didn't care!

  • Well done Gj, yeah the weather is something we just have to accommodate and getting the clobber right for it is a bit of an art, but in an attempt to have the right gear, it does often give us the excuse to buy something new to run in!

  • Well done... keep it up.. relaxation when you are working... enjoy it :)

  • Well done!  Just completed my Week 1 today as well!

    Managed to avoid the worst of storm Katy, but I as determined to go out today come hell or high-water....

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