W7R1 - Complete

Was up and out even earlier than normal today...nothing like a bit of insomnia to get you going. I have to say I actually enjoyed todays run & even felt like I could have kept going a bit longer. First time for everything!Actually 3 firsts for me today. second was being able to speed up for the last 60 seconds...boy it was a long 60 seconds and thirdly I actually went a little further than 4km!

Bring on r2 I'm ready for you!

5 Replies

  • Well done you! I failed to complete the same run last night, bailing out after 20 mins.

  • You can do it Lorcan. Remember you've done 20 minutes already. Good luck with the next run!

  • oh wow well done, week 7! x

  • Did it tonight, a slight slow down from 8km/h to 7.5km/h did the trick. Made it almost easy in fact, so I finished with a 9km/h burst for the final minute. It felt good after 3 weeks on week 6!

  • woo hoo well done! good luck with w7

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