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Week 6 complete! Can't believe I did it!

Feeling so pleased! Put off doing it yesterday after hillwalking a Saturday and really didn't want to go today! Felt knackered after work and totally not in the mood so had to force myself and it was actually much better than I thought it would be! When she said I'd run 20 minutes and only had 5 left I couldn't believe it! So pleased after feeling sick with the effort of week 1 now I can do 25minutes! Woohoo!

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Well done that's fantastic! Isn't it great when you look back and see how you have improved x


Looks like you'll have to believe it now. Really well done, W6 is possibly the toughest on the programme and takes some doing. Good luck when you start W7 and best wishes.


Sometimes when you don't feel like going you can do a really good run, its strange! well done on your 25 mins, a real achievement! :)


Thanks everyone! It really is a lovely feeling of achievement :-) week 6 was definitely a tough one, was prepared for that after some great advice on here but it still took me a little by surprise for runs 1 and 2.

Kittykat glad you're feeling a bit better and good luck for your run! It's nice to hear from someone at the same stage as me.

it's this forum that really keeps me going with the running when it gets tough, so thanks all! :-)


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