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this running malarky makes me hungry!!

my appetite has gone up a notch considerably since starting this program! not particularly bothered, because I like my food and I like good stuff and I dont do diets and thats not why im running (and breathe!!), but Ive noticed. ive a particularly sweet tooth but even thats reduced since running (except my secret sweetie, id never be without that :-)

just shows how this body of mine is needing more energy as I progress.

im also noticing that im a little bit more, how can I put it, " windy ", too ;-) just wished it would propel me along in my runs ;-) (sorry to you delicate folks).. Ive no explanation for that.

now to conquer being hydrated more. Coffee and tea reduction and more water intake....

;-) ali

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Rocket-powered Ali! :D


Me too Ali! I come in from a run and I could eat a horse....oh, hang on...;)


Coffee reduction??? Wash your mouth out, woman! It's the only thing that gets me through :D


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