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W5R2 - Different running shoes makes a difference

so today i ran w5r2, on r1 i worked out where my targets were for 5 minutes and 3 minutes, and where they began and where they ended. today i changed my trainers, and these targets have gone out the window.

we basically have a park path outside our flat, once around it is about 5 minutes for me. and there is this little bit that leads of but comes back to join the circle of path, that takes me about 2 minutes. but the new trainers, have not only helped with my calfs, but also with my timing. i did two and half rounds of this path for my 8 minute run, and i shocked myself! thats 1km right there! this might have taken me the entire of previous weeks training to complete about 2 times. this is mental. i am blown away at how quick i got around....

Also felt like i worked for it after i finished. in previous weeks, i felt it was too easy on some occasions, but this has stepped it up.

next up w5r3! lets see how i do with continuous running for 20 minutes!!

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Can I ask, did you pay a lot for new running shoes? I use my normal trainers and find my knees hurt when running and a short time after. I'm not sure if this is normal and I don't need to spend any money or whether I should invest in a decent pair of running trainers?

Great that it has improved your run, well done.


i think you would need to find out what your arch is? in doing this, you find out what kind of support your feet need. my friend who runs marathons said, as long as you got some good running shoes the rest of your body will align.

you can find out which arch you have by doing this simple test

New running shoes should cost between 40-60 pounds, i found an old pair of trainers, but they worked fine. i was running in barefoot running shoes, but there is no support, as they are supposed to be like you are running well barefoot. i would only wear these now on grass, i have been previously wearing them on pavement, and found my calves would ach sooner.


Thanks, will try that :)


Running shoes are very, very important. When I first started c25k i had no idea about foot Id and gait and what have you. well i graduated after 9 weeks and soon did 9km. Then it happened!!! ankle injury, 2 months no running. I heard about foot ID and bought proper shoes €130. what a differece. It is so frustrating to have an injury because of the wrong trainers; my advice: get proper shoes from day one before you start running.


I agree, correct running shoes make a big difference. I'd never owned a 'dedicated' Paul of running shoes in my life until a couple of weeks ago. I bought a pair of Asics Cumulus Gel 15 as well as a pair of moulded insoles for a total of £155. I also had gait analysis carried out.

I was running in a pair of ordinary Reebok trainers before buying my Asics and all I can say is what a difference between the two. I had aches in my knee and hip but now no such issues. It also fled like I'm now running on springs :) Well worth the investment.


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