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The Big One Looms

So last week I completed W5 R1 and R2, the big bad 20-minuter is looming. However towards the end of my last run on Friday I got a cramp-like pain in my right calf. Not the same pain as the calf strain I experienced in W2 as it didn't stop me in my tracks but it's uncomfortable enough to make me think twice about running.

I was scheduled to do W5R3 this morning so I went off to the gym togged up in my "running" gear and hit the mill. I did the five minute walk and then thought I'd try the leg out. I did a 3 minute run and it felt ok so thought I'd walk for 5 minutes and then try another 3 minute run ended up cutting the walk down to 3 minutes. Second one went ok as well, could feel the residual crampy pain but it wasn't hindering me. Walked for 3 minutes then tried another run, but leg gave a lot more grief so ended up giving it up and doing a brisk hill walk instead. To add insult to injury (pardon the pun) in the 35 minute session I was only 0.1 kph slower (6.1 instead of 6.2) and I'd covered almost the same distance usually get 3.6 km done on a "run" and managed 3.52 today...

Be interested to know if anyone else has experienced similar issues and if so what's the best treatment, rest, light training or just push through it...

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All I can suggest is some simple calf stretches. See the NHS Strength&Flex programme for a good easy one with Laura:

Slow is good, never fear. Good luck with the big'un. Prepare yourself mentally. ;-)


Hi Platypus23,

If you're having trouble with your left leg it may be related to hydration. I had a calf problem at the end of my first attempt at week 2 and when I collared a personal trainer at a health and wellbeing event as soon asi I described the injury he asked straight away if it was my left leg and suggested further increasing hydration levels... Try drinking more water the day before your run and see how you get on.


Oh me too- did week 5 run 1 last friday (outside on paths and road) and ok at the time and delighted I had pushed myself BUT youch during saturday rest day- pain in left ankle near funny bone and heel. I fear it is achilles so am stopped running and just doing 30 mins a day brisk walking - I am doing stretches a podiatrist advised before and this seems to be easing it but I am nervous of getting a real damage if I run so have decided to go to a sports physio- as I just do not want something that takes me out for weeks. I feel the week 2 foot position advice is wrong as felt knees and alignment much worse then, my focus is to keep metabolism up enough to support weight loss (weight watchers) not to become a running addict- I am 3 stone overweight so an ideal candidate for C25K - Hope we ALL keep going and no lasting injury blips. Run2go


Seeing a sports physio is absolutely the way to go. They are worth their weight in gold. I recently had 7 months off any kind of exercise at all from tearing a few ligaments in my foot playing netball and within the space of 4 sessions over 6 weeks, my foot has improved so much I'm able to do this program and other activities such as cross trainer etc without any pin. Before the sessions, I couldn't run at all without pain or even walk distances. Good luck! Hope t improves soon ;-)


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