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All done!

I completed the c25k tonight, w9r3... Done! I feel like this has been a massive leap forward for me, I started the programme not sure that I could finish it, and it still amazes me that I can now run for so long without gasping for breath!

My aims for the future are to get quicker, and maintain my enthusiasm whilst training for a charity 10k I have entered in September. Oh, and to stay injury free, which I know means sensible progression in my training, but I am determined to complete 5k in the next week or so, as I didn't make it in my 30 mins, the closest I got was 4.25k.

Thanks to everyone who posts on here for providing advice and motivation to continue when your mind and body is telling you that you can't do it, and to anyone in mid-c25k-journey, keep the faith, it works!

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You sound like you're saying goodbye? Don't! Stay and keep blogging and encouraging those comming behind you :)


Comming?! Coming!


I agree with Khrissy... stay and keep us informed about your endeavours.

Congratulations! And thanks for thinking about us wee undergrads in this, your moment of glory. :D


Very well done!!

Must definitely keep us updated as to how you're getting on now you're a graduate!!

Am sure you 'll crack the 30 minute mark real soon

Keep running!

Ali :-)


Just wanted to say well done :-)

I love seeing all these people graduate - gives me faith to keep going!


Well done, you have to change your user name now ;-)


Many congratulations! Hope to complete c25k on Friday. Awesome!


Congratulations on your graduation! You're absolutely right, take it easy and you will get to that 5k, no problems. Keep blogging and let us all know how you get on :)


Well done. Amazing! Enjoy.


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