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Best run so far

Tonite I was suposed to be running with a friend but she txtd me to say she didnt feel well so I went out on my own and ran two miles. Initially my calves felt heavy but towards the end of my run they felt ok and I could have continued but it was getting dark, I stopped my garmin when I had to walk for a bit then started it when I was ready to run again as to get an accurate run distance.

While I was out a complete stranger said to me that he had noticed me exercising and said it inspired him to go and do something about it himself. He said well done keep it up. Should I be wary that a complete stranger approached me about this or should I be pleased that he was encouraging or both?

I did thank him for his encouragement though.

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I have had strangers comment all the time. You should have told him to look up C25k on itunes.

However, I can understand your hesitaton, you do have to be careful once it starts to get dark.


Be carefull of strangers approaching when its growing dark, also if its in a quiet area with no one about. It nice to get encouragement though so I'll just say "Well done and keep up the good work", stay safe.


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