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Need to consolidate!

I think I need to spend a bit of time consolidating running 25 mins. It is still quite tough and today I didn't get beyond 15 mins. My ankle is playing up again. Not a bad as before, but enough to give me a warning. So, I've given myself more rest days and cut back on the running to give it chance to recover. I figure that it is better to take my time on week 7 than rush and injure myself.

Tried running today without the podcast and just timing myself. It was awful! Really missed the guidance.

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Sounds like a good plan. :) Have you tried deliberately going slower at the start? Extra rest days sound well worth a try - I hadn't run for the last 3 days (for no very good reason) and today was the best run I've done. Definitely a good idea to look after your ankle, and not force yourself through it, and end up unable to run at all.


More rest days are probably a good idea. If it's a recurring issue though, maybe you should have your ankle looked at to see what's causing the problem. Good luck.


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