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The Jelly Battle of Wounded Knee

Like many a Welsh person, I went out last night to celebrate our rugby glory. I took a tumble (on jelly believe it or not) and have badly twisted my knee. I have just been to a and e and nothing is broken but I have damaged my ligaments and need to stay off my feet for 7-10 days (dream on! I'm a mother, dog owner and a farmer).

I will definitely not be running for a while though which is very sad (and the dog will be well annoyed). I did Week 5 run 3 on Friday and loved it.

What are the guidelines for when you go back after injury? Has anyone else had about 2 weeks off and how did it effect their fitness? Are there other things I can do to keep fit? Will I die of boredom? Will Laura be disappointed with me?

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What a shame! But jelly...????

How about swimming, provided you can get to a pool?


Yes, the nightclub I went to were having a jelly-wrestling championship (god knows why) but the wallies taking part got it everywhere and it wasn't being cleaned up by the staff which created a blood or rather jelly bath. I'm quite annoyed at them really but you can't not laugh at slipping on jelly.


Bad luck! I hurt my ankle in late November, didn't get back to running for about 8 weeks. I used an exercise bike to keep my fitness up. When I got back to it I found that I had kept some of my fitness and the first few weeks were really good. Walking, swimming, cycling - whatever fits with your life. Good luck and hope it gets better soon.


Thanks but I can't cycle or walk either at the mo which is a bugger because I commute on a bike :). I'm going to have to sort out some life logistics. I may try swimming once I am able to drive again and see how that goes.


It may ease your mind some to know there are no documented cases of anyone dying from boredom. In any case, sounds like you have a busy lifestyle being a mother, dog owner, and farmer. Hopefully you'll find a solution to keeping active while taking care of your knee. Any chance there's someone in your family you can talk into doing the C25K program, for the dog's sake?


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