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Jelly belly update w3 r 1


So me the jelly belly and the dog ( well the neighbours dog) did the first week 3 workout this morning.

So taking the jelly belly out so early where it’s full wobbly flow can be seen first hand by people was a challenge I just hope most of the people who saw me were still in a sleepy haze or had killer hangovers that meant they couldn’t focus on moving objects for the fear of being sick.

Boy was I pleased during my first 3 min speed shuffle that the dog decided now was a good time to engage in some sniffing around, I needed an excuse to stop just for a few seconds.

The 2nd 3 mins of shuffling also saw a brief stop ( why are dogs so interested in sniffing the butts of other dogs), but and here’s the thing this meant my final 90 shuffle was up hill and I managed it (albeit as I was about to stop Michael said that’s it you’ve done it) the fact is I did it and I’ll take that.

So rest day tomorrow and next session on Saturday, hopefully with my daughter so no excuses to stop due to butt sniffing!!

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Well done

You and the dog are going to have fun so stick with it 🙂👍

I was wobbly, borrowed a dog to lose weight and get fit. Started C25k and never looked back

Still running and walking the same dog. He is here with me now 😃🐕🏃‍♀️


Very well done... listen to misswobble ... she knows what is what.. one of the most awesome runners on the forum:)


Hee hee funny post. I keep my jelly belly and butt under control with high waisted compression leggings. Well done you are doing really well.

I am going slightly scared that such garments and the ones I wear to work actually suffocate your internal organs with the jelly belly being sucked in, lol

Thanks for your comment though x

thisfishcanGraduate in reply to Clarebear76

😟 I hope not. Mine are proper running leggings, luckily I can still breathe when wearing them, and they are quite comfortable once I get them on. Being comfortable and supported is important for me. Enjoy your running journey 🏃🏽‍♀️

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