Yes, Calvin is a god of the underworld! And the puny inhabitants of earth displease him!

Yes, Calvin is a god of the underworld! And the puny inhabitants of earth displease him!

(Monday) Well, I did look pretty stupid but having washed and donned my amazing orange sports kit then added a plastic bag I set off on yesterday's run. It didn't go too badly. The sound of the pinto's hooves, Rocksta, Doug, King of Pugs, the ocarina and bugles guided me in the right direction to the end. Plus, the bag on the head obviously rendered me invisible to all dog walkers because I didn't get knocked over again. Phew!

Until tomorrow - follow the pinto!

(Here's my photo.)


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  • Ha ha , love it ! I can see you put a lot of thought into that one Dozzer, hope you didnt forget the Kendal Mint Cake . Huzzah !! :-) xxx

  • Hey, I'm Supreme Leader of God's Own Country. I always put thought into things.

  • Morning Dozz, d'ya know Ive learnt something today. For years and years I have always thought it was "God's own County " Fancy that , I bow to your superior knowledge, Sir. Oooh you are so brainy Dozz, its scary :-) xxx

  • Oops, misspelt that one - well spotted. I could say I was just testing to make sure you were paying attention, but no. Mea culpa.

  • So it is County ? Ah, okay, that's good , I am not as daft as I look :-) xxx

  • Yes, you see, I'm not infallible. My full title will be, until I next change my mind - The Supreme Leader of God's Own County and All Surrounding Outposts. Possibly a bit lengthy so may be altered soon.

  • Ha ha , yep it'll definitely catch on that one ! :-) xxx

  • Are you insinuating something. (Or, as nan would say - incinerating.)

  • No Dozz, honestly , not me , Im not incinerating , although I could maybe do with a trip to the knackers yard...

    I haven't been running since last Thursday, Im crocked and run down :-( xxx

    Have you been out strutting your funky stuff today ? :-) xxx

  • Oh poor you Poppy. Hope you're feeling better soon. If you're really run down nana might make you banana sandwiches with sugar on. They taste filthy but they're so engery laden you'll be up an at 'em in no time xxx

  • Yak! But I have got some old bananas if nan needs to use some up.

  • Yes please cos Sir we have no bananas , we have no bananas today :-) xxx

  • We've got no coffee!

  • I have heard there is an awful lot in Brazil apparently :-) xxx

  • Drat I've just been to the shop for a Kim Jong-Un. Forgot the coffee.

  • I know I am probably going to regret asking this, but what is a Kim- Jong Un ? :-) xxx

  • It a chocolate bar beyond imaginable size.

  • I thought it was :-) Okay, you have definitely earned that today :-) xxx

  • We dont want coffee, we want bananananananas ! :-) xxx

  • Ok, come and get them - Night pop and pups and fish and bird

  • Okay, Im on my way, just leave them on the step with a bit o tinfoil over them if youre going to bed . Night , Night Dozz, sleep tight my friend :-) xxx

  • Anyway, we don't want coffee, we want bananas :-) xxx

  • Thanks EM, I like nannas nana sandwiches :-) I know Im run down cos apart from the tyre tracks down my back , ha ha my mouth is full of ulcers , and I always get them when Im not 100% ticketty -boo , BLEURRGHHH :-) xxx

  • Ouchy! Awwww * sends cyber hugs and virtual bonjela* xx

  • Thank you, you are truly an angel sent to tend to the wounded troops :-) xxx

  • Ah! Am I due to send grapes or something.

  • Oh yes please , are you offering ? Can I have the red seedless ones , and dont forget to peel them for me first please, ta very much :-) xxx

  • Shame, they only had green, seeded. Shucks.

  • They'll do , pass em over ! :-) xxx

  • Oops, have eaten them to wash down the KJU.

  • What ??? All of 'em ??? Pah ! You owe me big time Dozz :-) xxx

  • Oh yeah. I ran and swam this morning. Wait til you see the fetching photo!

  • Aw fab Dozz ! Cant wait, will you be putting it up at bedtime ? :-) xxx

  • Oh yes, most def. I know you all love to see my progress. (Hmm? Really? Let's be honest, doubtful.)

  • Of course we do , don't we everybody ? ( YEAH !! sounds of cheering and clapping ) See ? Told ya ! :-) xxx

  • Yay * cheers loudly and stamps feet* Can't wait for the photos. Have yet to venture into the water myself, but I feel inspired to now. Obviously just needed a glorious leader to follow :)

  • Yep ! Go The Dozzer ! :-) xxx

  • The swimming's prob my strongest discipline - it must be the onesie!

  • Huzzah!

  • Glad you managed to stay upright, but I hope this doesn't give you ideas for the triathlon for the discombobulated, running for 30 minutes with a plastic bag on my head really doesn't appeal - especially in the heat. I ran for 32 minutes today - longest since end of March. Woopdedoo.

  • Many congrats - a definite woopdedoo! Possibly a hooded swim today because running certainly was hot.

  • Hooded swim quite dangerous these next few weeks, no danger of dogs but kids are on school holidays so danger of being submerged by floats and jumped on if I don't have access to 360 degree vision. What about a nice swimming cap - with white daisies? Still need my goggles as I canna see underwater (or swim for that matter) without them. Am planning on going at the end of this week for a practise.

  • Undecided about bag on head - maybe I'll cut a hole in the front and have it like Green Arrow's hood. I reckon if it coordinates with the onesie I might pull it off. Good luck with the swimming.

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