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Week 8 Run 1

I did it, and i ran outside, i went so much further than i did weeks ago, the last time i did this route. It was hard, i tried to avoid the bigger hills and such, and really there aren't so much as like... I dunno, extended bumps that make you wish you lived somewhere flat. There wasn't much traffic and the route is one that I've walked alot before, so it was more interesting than the treadmill but i didn't feel amazed at the beauty and wonder of nature for most of it, though it really was awesome, with the sun rising and the sky all blue and new looking. it was cool but not cold out, and that was nice.

I really need to eat before I run. i keep typing it and not doing it, but i did manage to make it the whole 28, though i was literally begging my legs, the spirits of passed loved ones, and God in all her forms by the end. I walked an extra few minutes at the end and even tossed in an extra minute of running at the end. I felt good that I finished strong and it really was nice to do a run without the clock and my pace staring me down.

I found a book with some stretches that should help with my knees, which started bugging me yesterday. it might just be a mental thing, with the 5k i signed up for sitting at the start of week 9, and literally less than a week away. I like having the event to look forward to. It's such a leap to take. I've watched a couple of documentaries about people training to run marathons, and there's this idea that the person who finishes one is not the same as the one who started it. so far, in that way,c25k has been my marathon, and that 5k isn't my graduation run, but it feels almost more important right now. it's bigger and an awed and fun sort of scary. two more runs to do first though, and the tricky (but very much possible) route should give me just the workout i need to make next Saturday happen.

(ps. i did do w7r3 and it went well. it didn't occur to me till just now that i hadn't blogged about it)

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Lovely blog, so upbeat. And a 5k before you even finish c25k ! :-)

Have you tried pollen? I take a teaspoonful just before setting out... can't face any food (worried anyway that the digestion will demand more blood, just when I need more oxygen and nutrients to be sent to my muscles).

You're right about the c25k being like a marathon... truly life-changing.


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