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Week 6

For some reason I thought after doing the dreaded 20 mins in week 5 that week 6 would be ok! I'm due to do run 3 of week 6 tomorrow...25 minutes and I hope its better than run 1 and 2 of week 6 which I found tough...tougher than 20 minutes to be honest. Have others found this? Is it the stop/start that makes it hard....or is it just me? Anyway, lets hope tomorrow goes well ;-)

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You are not alone, a lot of people have found week 6 a challenge. Take it a bit slower you'll do just fine.


Yes, it was suprisingly hard for me too (and very weird) but you will sail to the 25 mins. Have faith :-)


Keep going! Yes, most people seem to find this run harder - maybe it's just the effect of the euphoria wearing off! Or perhaps people speed up without realising it, because they expect it to be easier than one long 20 minute run? Anyway, doesn't matter - you did it!


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