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I have had a dodgy ankle for years and years but recently it has been better. Anyways I have been running with it strapped since the begging inn and have made it to week 7 then it suddenly went.... I didn't fall or even trip it just clicked when I was running slowly on a flat surface, had to walk back and 2 days later its no better.... Really worried I'm not going to be able to do my run tomorrow and get behind...

Any advise?

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have you rested it properly, and RICEd it? I used to have bad ankles as I used to tear the ligaments for a past time, and found the only thing I could do was rest up. Just as a double check for prevention - are you in the right trainers? Could you do any strength exercises (like wobble boards)? Don't rush back out on it though - take it easy as you don't want to make anything worse and then be off for longer.


I was loving the running so did go out 2 days in a row, lesson learnt the hard way why Laura says have a day off!

No I have been told to ice for 20 mins 20mins off the. Ice again for 20mins so waiting for some ice to set in the freezer! It hurts even walking on it now, so should I wait for it to recover? Realllyyyyy don't want to get behind with the program!


Hi, going through exactly the same thing. It's a week since my dodgy ankle just 'went' and I was hoping to be able to run again next week. But it's not looking like it as it is still painful. So i am behind! I'm seeing a physio (lucky friend!) and she's suggested cider vinegar soaked on a cloth instead of ice , apparently it's what the top sports people use now, it makes your ankle smell funny but does offer relief and is anti inflammatory, plus you can leave it on over night- wrap in a soked cloth and tape a bag round it. She ( and other forum members) have advised just to be patient, rest it and wait for it to heal. Frustrating though isn't it? Which bit of your ankle have you hurt? Mine's painful on the inside over the bone and up my leg. The nurse at the docs said it was sprained but the physio said without 'going over on it' it's more likely to be a muscle strain- not sure what the difference is!


Bibbybit, not that I'm an expert at all, but your injury sounds more like tendonitis than a muscle strain - does the area hurt to touch, almost as if its bruised?


Yes it does actually.


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